I'm itching

A few curtains of rain and a few hot winds. The south of the Yangtze River is misty and misty. The peach blossoms in China Southern Airlines are pure and blooming in the scorching sun, and the willow catkins beside Yanhu are laughing and scolding with Hefeng. This season, people are asking for the news of lotus, but they forget the secret fragrance of spring plum floating mysteriously in the evening.

Walking on the road of school, the thoughts in my heart are ignored, but my eyes are a volunteer glance. I think Xia's messenger must be such a charming girl. If you don't believe it, just look at the black and white. What will it be if it's not summer. At such a time, I thought of the difference between boys and girls. I have to add this: boys wear T-shirts because they are hot, and girls wear short skirts because they are not cold enough. Of course, other thoughts turned around in my heart are not worth mentioning one by one. Anyway, it is just the emotion of the word "summer" and the self consolation of "food, sex and sex".

A person, a cup of tea, a computer. In addition, I have two pens, one is a neutral pen, and the other is also a neutral pen. Sitting in the studio seems to separate the whole summer. Admittedly, there may be another world separated. Loneliness is so exciting. Maybe only such a restless season can make people feel more deeply. In this little pea pod like seat, I am not the king of the boundless territory. Of course, I will also look forward to the lilac girl. I use an oil paper umbrella to cover the time lower than the eaves for her. Such thoughts make the boring literature moist. Time is slightly cool, and the memory of that distant scene is soaked by spring rain and blown by summer wind, pure and bright. I think it's after gathering and dispersing, but it's just a young man's strong sorrow, or who can really see through in the mortal world. After tasting all kinds of fireworks on earth, we should bear the vicissitudes brought by years. But LiuNian was obviously safe and sound, and a stone and a wood were unharmed. Our sadness is just a continuation of the movement of youth.

The green Luo brushed his sleeve, and the green cloud wetted the oath. Mountains and waters do not interfere with each other. The sun and the moon are quiet and the world is safe. Countless thousands of kinds of prosperity, hope not to wear the love to return to, thousands of strands, hundreds of turns tenderness.

Only wish everyone be like an immortal and not fall into the mortal world.

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