I'm lucky to meet you

All the way, all the way, starry night and night, all the bitterness, bitterness and sweetness, it's only mixed feelings to ask what it is to support education in the world.

When I entered Shiqiao primary school, the campus, poorly equipped classrooms and dilapidated dormitories I looked through came into my eyes. My heart was shocked. I couldn't imagine how I could carry out ten days of supporting education activities with a sea of despair. It is inconvenient to wash, eat and teach. Life and teaching reveal the bad conditions of Shiqiao village everywhere, and I have a resistance to Shiqiao village. After living in Qiao village for five days, I found that I was slowly changed by this beautiful and peaceful village. What changed me? Is the child's clear eyes; Is the child's bright smile; It's the fiery enthusiasm of children. In class, the child's loud answer jumped out of the child's mouth like a beating note. I told myself that I must do my own teaching work well; In class, children's desire for knowledge has changed my mentality. I should be a hopeful person like children; After class, the child's voice of the teacher melted my heart of resistance; After class, the children's hugs warmed my desperate heart.

What changed me was not only the lively and naive children, but also the simple but emotional rural life. Rural life has an unusual charm. Rural life is very different from the city. Rural life is a little less noisy and a little more quiet. When you wake up from your dream, there are clear bird songs urging you to get up, stretch, and look at the flower that has already bloomed on the windowsill. The spread of the flower vine is the breath of life continuity, giving people a kind of vitality, a new vitality. Open the firewood door, and at a glance, the fields with specifications add a bit of artistic imagination. Walk around the ridges of the fields and take a breath of the morning air. The air sent by the wind is mixed with the fragrance of soil. The fragrance is refreshing and refreshing. Looking at the people who are laughing and busy in the fields, their faces are filled with a happy smile, which shows that the villagers are full of hope for life. After a busy day of farming, entertainment after meals is naturally indispensable. Lion dance and square dance are the main forms of entertainment for villagers. The villagers leisurely worked under the square stage, shaking the palm fans and watching the lion dance. The villagers danced bravely and majestically, with extraordinary spirit. The villagers' applause went on like a tide for a long time. When the aunts danced in the square dance, they danced like beautiful butterflies and twisted like graceful wickers. The beauty was intoxicating and filled with enthusiasm for life.

The harsh conditions determine the arduous road of supporting education. In a short time, I can't change the conditions here, but I have changed my mentality. Although the life of supporting education is hard, it is also a pleasure in pain. In the evening, when I went back to the dormitory to lie down and rest, the whole person seemed to be scattered, but I recalled the bright smile of students and the warm attitude of villagers towards others, so I laughed and sighed that everything was worth it! The happiness of children and the support of villagers are the driving force for me to stick to it.

I wish to support teaching all over the country roads, and I wish to warm the hearts of the people on the roads.

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