I'm your best friend

I have a lot to say about you and me. I don't know where to start.

We were primary school students. At that time, we went to school together, went home together and played together every day. Then share all the happiness together. At that time, we were very simple, happy as if we had no trouble and didn't have to think too much.

Later, when I transferred to another school, we lost touch, and then we went to the same high school. Maybe this is fate. Some friendships do not fade with the passage of time, but become better and closer. High school is a very painful and fulfilling time. We spend only ten minutes after class and Sunday.

When I grow up, there are more and more secrets. We will share them with each other. I am very satisfied to see you happy. In front of me, you are unreserved. I know all about your family and your love. Time will leave the most real people. Up to now, our feelings are still very good.

The so-called birds of a feather flock together. We have many similarities, many identical views and many common topics. I started to go crazy when I was too familiar. It was fun to be black with each other. I was always so crazy in front of me. In fact, I couldn't go anywhere normally. I often began to call when I couldn't find it. When no one answered, I began to bomb my QQ. For some time, I was almost crazy, but you were too serious. I couldn't hold it. I'm still crazy. I'm used to it.

Now that you are in college, you are working hard every day. You have been upgraded to a "learning mother", and you also work part-time, all kinds of promotion and exercise. I like to see you work hard and full of positive energy. As soon as you calm down, you start harassing me, and then you will think a lot. My message board has always been your trash can. Spit all kinds of bitter water there. Sometimes it hurts to see you work so hard. Because of the distance, I can't give you too much comfort and company, only spiritual comfort.

Your love life has been ups and downs in the past two years. You are so persistent for one person. Sometimes I really don't understand where you come from. I'm afraid you're hurt. I hope you can face this feeling rationally. Sometimes you can't tolerate everything. It's ok now. You're all honest with each other, and you've lived up to your previous persistence. I hope that person knows how to cherish you and really cares about you.

Every time I am unhappy, you are the first person to find. Sometimes when I can't stick to it, you give me courage and confidence. You will support what I do. You will understand my feelings and my thoughts. Sometimes I just hope to have such a person, even if I don't say it, I understand my pain and happiness.

We will always be good friends. When we are old, we can also go shopping and bask in the sun together.

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