In the midsummer of flowers, we are living, Joe

Time flies like an arrow, the sun and the moon are fleeting. The ten day social practice of going to the countryside for three times flashed by, leaving us full of memories and feelings. Maybe in the process of going to the countryside for three times, I will want to finish it quickly, but when it is really over, I can't help but miss it. In these ten days, there are many precious memories worth remembering——

I can't forget the days when everyone cooked, ate, cleaned, taught, rehearsed and slept together; I can't forget that the research road in the hot sun and the interesting sports meeting in the wind and rain can't stop us from walking in the sun or in the wind and rain.

Nowadays, even the dormitory full of insects can't help but make people miss it. Everyone is too afraid to go to the toilet or take a bath. The screams of roommates who encounter disgusting insects also echo in their ears. Every time they think of it, they make people laugh, although they don't want to experience the feeling that the world is full of insects again.

In Shiqiao primary school and kindergarten, we met a group of naughty but lovely children. Meet innocent faces, look at each other with clear big eyes, watch them play games we played or didn't play as children, and play with them. It's a feeling of returning to childhood. The children got up earlier than the chicken. They came to school early, so we woke up in the noise every day. Back to the dormitory, back home, no children wake us up early in the morning, but some are not used to it. I can't forget these young faces, especially the little boy who sent me flowers. Every time he saw me, he would run over with a smile and pull me to play with him. Unfortunately, if it weren't for busy business, I think I could have more time to play with them and communicate with them! The first night I went back to my dormitory, they came to my dream! And many team members also dream about them. I heard that I dreamed of this person because he missed you. I also want to believe that they miss us.

Aerobics was the most cherished and unforgettable thing during the three trips to the countryside. I can't forget the days when I worked hard to train until late at night, from the frustration of being unable to remember the movements to jumping vigorously and feeling, and finally I tried my best to live up to the perfect ending of the art show. I remember when the little teacher asked me to join the Aerobics Team. At first, I was a little resistant, not because I was lazy, but because I was afraid that I would fail to remember my actions when the performance crashed. Under the persuasion of the little teacher, I decided to have a try. At the same time, there were three people in the trial jump, including me. At first, I was the least confident, and finally I insisted on staying. At the beginning, I really felt it was difficult to remember the action and the action was too fast, but I thought that since I had done it, I should stick to it and do it beautifully. I didn't want to give up halfway and didn't want to live up to the expectations of my little teacher. So he repeated in repetition, kept training, and finally lived up to expectations and performed successfully. This made me understand that I should have confidence in myself, try everything before making a decision, and don't easily deny my ability and say no!

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the social practice of "three trips to the countryside" has shortened the distance between us, and also made me meet new friends. I found that there were so many interesting people in the world! I would also like to thank the leaders for their care and visit, the amiable headmaster for his support to us, the team members for their help and the students for their cooperation.

Finally, the gala drew a successful conclusion to the social practice of "going to the countryside in summer". Everyone's hearts are full of memories and feelings, and they are reluctant to part with each other to say goodbye. In the future, under the same sky, at different times and in different scenes, the music in the art show will ring. Everyone will surely remember the night when the stars twinkled, gathered together, full of love and moving!

There are always some scenes that arouse our childhood memories. Maybe the process is a little hard, a little tired, happy and sad. But good and bad are scenery. There is always a trace of reluctance in the complex emotion of parting, but it makes people more determined to move forward. Everyone is filled with emotion. Maybe we won't see each other again, but the memories are always in our hearts. I hope everyone can become a better self!

This year, the flowers bloom in midsummer, we are living Qiao!

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