Interesting sports meeting, although the rain does not reduce the brilliant mood

The hourglass of time will inadvertently drain away the sand. It is the seventh day since we came to Shiqiao primary school in Shiqiao village. Here, we have experienced the naughtiness of children; Shared their feelings, happy and unhappy; And the joy of playing games with them... It's really touching to think about it. How time flies! Anyway, the time we spent together was so innocent, so unforgettable!

It's dark. Is it possible to kill the interesting sports meeting we prepared yesterday in the cradle? God wants beauty! How can the resourceful team members let it succeed in the spirit of "can't afford to provoke, can't you hide?" The state of mind moved the activity venue to the classroom. Of course, only some relatively simple ones can do this. For example, sports such as the 50 meter sprint can't hide! Even so, the classrooms are still filled with children's laughter. As the 50 meter sprint I was responsible for was washed away by the heavy rain, I went back and forth between the classrooms to observe their activities. Among them, the most important thing I care about is the game of fairy guide.

The so-called fairy guide is a game in which a child's glasses are covered with a red scarf, and another child instructs him to advance on the designated route and finally arrive. This game is a great test of the trust and tacit cooperation between team members. The guide should give clear instructions, and the person who is directed should trust his teammates, so as to reach the finish line as quickly as possible and win the game. Coincidentally, this theory is somewhat similar to a theory I learned when I took college courses. This theory is called "psychological map".

Psychological map: refers to an abstract road map formed by memorizing the route that the blind should take and the road signs and clues along the way in order to reach the destination smoothly. The formation method includes: 1. The map is made of convex points or concave lines for the blind to touch. Make them have an overall understanding of the corresponding route. 2. Guide the blind to walk in the right direction and the surrounding environment of the route. Where to turn. Cross the street and explain in language one by one. In essence, it is a comprehensive representation of touch, kinesthetic sensation, hearing, etc.

This makes me think about my special education major. These children are normal, but they are just blindfolded. In this short process, through my observation, they don't seem to be able to walk the prescribed route very well and quickly, that is to say, they should walk with the idea that even if I can't see clearly in this way, I can know the way when I open my glasses. In this respect, they are less sensitive than those special children. In the same learning process, special children show that they can't see and listen to instructions. While listening to instructions, they will use their hands or other body parts to confirm whether there are obstacles in front of them, and then take steps. In a word, although some special children can be found in normal children, they cannot be used in special children after all

With a burst of reverie, the interesting sports meeting "came to a successful end, and the prizes went to their owners' hands. Children were sharing this moment of honor, immersed in the afterglow after dusk with teachers and students

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