Into June

Into June

In the singing of summer cicadas and the intoxicating evening wind in summer, we walked into June together. Into this June that remembers our first love and burns our passionate love and cheap dance shoes; Into this beautiful day that makes us passionate like distance and poetry, and makes our hearts fluctuate like summer flowers and colorful clouds.

In one's life, there will be dozens of spring, summer, autumn and winter, as well as dozens of June. I was born in June, so I naturally pay more special attention to June and have a different feeling. What really makes me love June is my love as gorgeous as summer flowers and as beautiful as clouds.

I still remember that it was a June full of warmth and romance. On that beautiful summer day, we met. On that day, the sun and cheap tap dance shoes was particularly bright and the sky was also particularly blue. White clouds flew freely under the blue sky, just like white sheep running on the vast grassland. When I was walking leisurely on a tree lined path, a girl dressed in a white dress and holding a red sunshade came up. I saw her beautiful chestnut hair flowing in the summer wind, with a pair of big watery eyes embedded under her curved eyebrows, glittering and as if writing a touch of sadness... It was so beautiful that I immediately felt as if I had met "a girl with sadness like a clove" written by Dai Wangshu

The chance encounter made me feel very excited, and the later love at first sight made me overjoyed, which made me feel like a treasure to her.

Later, I learned that her family and cheap dance shoes had encountered setbacks and ups and downs. The difficulties and hardships of life made her very strong and intelligent, and gave her a pair of beautiful big eyes and tap dance shoes that seemed to speak. These eyes are like a clear lake, always so bright and deep, always so affectionate and as bright as stars. Through these eyes, you seem to be able to see her kind and beautiful heart. Especially when her heart is sad and her eyes contain tears, those eyes will instantly make her beautiful to the extreme. They are as beautiful as pear flowers with rain, and they can melt your heart in an instant. At this time, when you are with her, you will have a soul catching feeling, and you can't help but think of the girl in Dai Wangshu's rain lane with "lilac color, lilac fragrance and lilac sadness".

Being with her always makes me feel her need for me and cheap tap dance shoes, her dependence on me, her tenderness for me and her love for me. It also makes me really feel how much I need to take care of her, how much I need to care about her, how much I need to give my heart and true feelings to love her... She can make me really feel that I am the prince charming in her mind.

When you are with her, you can feel that there seems to be an invisible magic on her, which will always attract you invisibly and strongly. This kind of magic will make you reluctant to leave her for a moment, make your heart beat for her alone, make you willing to love her all your life, make you willing to bow down under her pomegranate skirt, and make you seem to know what is "haunted" and what is "overwhelming"

I remember that in his poem "beyond the smoke", lovey, a famous modern poet in Taiwan, once lamented that "June was originally a very sad book with such a sad ending - the setting sun sinks in the west". And the June in my heart seems to always be like a clear stream in the valley, singing songs and flowing slowly towards me; Always like the stars in the summer night sky, shining bright and charming light to me

Since I had this relationship from June, I began a new life. Because of this love, my life has become colorful, my life has become infinite vitality, and my days have become full of happiness and sweetness. When every night falls, my heart will be filled with warmth and tenderness and tap dance shoes, and when every dawn comes, my heart will always raise new hopes and expectations one after another.

Since the love from June, in my heart, the sky in June is always so deep and blue, the clouds in June are always so white and beautiful, the sunshine in June is always so bright and brilliant, the flowers in June are always so gorgeous and fragrant, the lake in June is always so clear and transparent, and the evening wind in June is always so cool and intoxicating.

Whenever June comes, my heart will be full of joy and joy, longing and expectation, love and tenderness. In my heart, June will never be the "very sad book" written by love, but the Memoirs of our beautiful love and happy time!

If human love is the blooming flower, may our love always be the most gorgeous and fragrant one; If human love is the beautiful mountains covered with snow, may our love always be the highest big and white snow peak.

When we walked hand in hand into the threshold of another June and into the beautiful day of our love, those exciting moments together, like fragments of memory and cheap tap dancing shoes, were immediately spliced into a beautiful picture in front of me; Those happy times that have been together are also like the sparkling light of a lake rippling in my heart... June, June in my heart

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