It is difficult to know the will of heaven

There are always many setbacks in life, but when you meet smart people, they will often be solved. You know, in fact, they may not have really solved the problem, but they have calmed people's emotions and satisfied them. This is a smart person. They often can't solve problems, but they can make people accept problems. Such people are generally called "geniuses".

I am not boasting, in fact, I am such a person. The reason why "geniuses" are called geniuses is not that they are favored by heaven and endowed with some divine power, but that they can see through people's hearts as if they know what heaven is thinking.

Such a person is lucky, but also unfortunate. Indeed, they do know what others are thinking, but because of this, they will also think more than ordinary people. They will carefully consider the kindness of others and accept it only when they think it is harmless to themselves. They have lost the innocence and kindness of ordinary people. They have to think too much about everything, which makes them tired and makes people around them cold.

In our side, there are too many unpleasant things. In fact, we have found it, but we can't change it. This is the most painful thing. Maybe we can already guess what will happen next, but we don't care. Why? It's not that we don't want to care, but that we don't want to accept. We can see through heaven, but we can't change the future.

I have tried to change, but the crowd is boundless, what can I do alone? I can see through everything, but I have no ability to change the future; I can know the suspense of heaven and earth, but I can't see through my own destiny.

Guofengxiao, I finally understand! "That's it." He wrote how much frustration and pain he had as a military master. He could tell the mystery, but he could not escape the palm of the sky. He died young!

Is this the destiny of people like us? What can I do in this world? This is what I have been thinking about recently. After writing this article, I realized it.

For our destiny!

Indeed, we can't change anything, but we can add a little grace to our own life, contribute our own strength to our family, and lay our only remaining strength for the prosperity of this society.

This should be the reason why we live.

be it so.

How many people hope and move every story day and night? Fate is very simple to say. To meet you is a kind of fate. I am a person who writes a story, and I am also a person in the story. I am willing to use my pen to warm your heart; I am willing to use my pen to show you the different splendor and splendor. What I see and think will be shared with you. I will drink poems with you in this world of mortals!

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