It was a sweet moment in my heart - my birthday party

It was a sweet moment in my heart - my birthday party

On the way of life, I feel a lot, sweet and bitter, full of five tastes. As time goes on, most of them are like shells washed on the beach by the tide, and disappear without a trace. But there is one thing that I can't forget. When I think of it, I can't help but have a sweet feeling in my heart.

It was a very special day. It was the day when I was young. It was my birthday.

In the morning, mom and dad are busy in the hotel, and I am also doing my best to welcome my good friend. The hands of the clock and watch climbed to the position of noon step by step. Almost all my good friends went to the hotel. Everyone sat around and laughed happily. Only my most "iron" Calvin disappeared. I thought, "what's this cavein doing? What time is it? Why don't you come

It's more than half past eleven, and the ceremony is about to start. I'm even more worried: "what the hell is this cavein? Yesterday, I said that I would be the first one to congratulate me on my happy birthday. As a result, it's almost dinner now, and he hasn't come yet. That's true. " After a while, the host announced with his magnetic voice, "please take your seats as soon as possible. The ceremony will start in ten minutes!" Hearing this, I thought: isn't Calvin not coming? It's the most important birthday in my life. If he doesn't attend, I'll be sorry. Thinking of this, I was even more anxious. I took a few steps from the door and looked anxiously at the road.

Calvin is my best friend, we dance, sing and write together, we have a common love of dance! I like to dance in cheap tap dancing shoes. He likes to dance in cheap ballet dance shoes.Also like contemporary dance,his last birtday,I send him the cheap contemporary dance shoes as gifts. We are all talents in dance! So we are best friends. When I think of this, just at this moment, a taxi stops at the door of the hotel. The moment the door opens, a little boy runs to the door of the hotel. As soon as I saw it, it was my iron brother Calvin, so I rushed to meet him and said to him, "Why are you so late? I'm in a hurry to wait! " Kevin was busy apologizing to me. I took him by the hand and ran into the hall. As soon as I sat down, the background music stopped suddenly, and the host's magnetic voice rang out again - "Wright's 12th birthday celebration, now - start!"

According to the host's instructions, the ceremony was going on, and soon it was time for my friends to give gifts. It was not until my friends finished giving gifts that I saw Calvin come to the stage with a gift box in his arms. He took the microphone from the host and said, "today is the 12th birthday celebration of my strongest friend. As his strongest friend, I want to give him the most special gift. Now let's invite my best friend to open the gift box and accept my most special gift."

Looking at his mysterious appearance, I quickly opened the box: inside was a beautifully bound brochure and a pair of exquisite and cheap dance shoes. On the cover was a beautiful line of art words for Wright, and under the title was my signature "Wright", which was full of personality. Before I opened the book to read, Calvin lost no time to say: "my iron friend is a gifted literary and art child. He has been in primary school for six years. His weekly compositions are all excellent works read to us by his teacher. Today, I collected some of his works and helped him publish a book. Happy birthday to my old fellow, and congratulations to my best friend. This cheap dancing shoes is a witness of our friendship. I hope he can take a step closer in the art of tap dance with this cheap tap dance shoes!

At this time, I realized the reason why Calvin was late. When I picked up the book, I felt a little sweet in my heart

Friends have common interests. At the same time, I also prepared a few gifts for Calvin, which are a pair of cheap ballroom dance shoes and ballroom dance clothes. I hope he can also like me, on the way to dance, wear the cheap dance shoes I gave him, and move towards a higher and further direction of art!

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