It's better to be quiet

It's better to be quiet

The wind clattered, the leaves fell from the tree, they quietly floating, quiet, I like them, because they like silence, like me, like freedom, leaves fall, like a beautiful dancer, although there are no dance shoes and dance stage, but they are the most beautiful dance.

On Sundays, I will always be at home by myself, listening to the music on my mobile phone or watching the dance on TV, experiencing the emotion of every music and the graceful dancing posture of every dancer. There are all kinds of dances with cheap dancing shoes. My favorite dance is the dance with cheap tap dancing shoes. Sometimes when I listen to too much, I will be fully integrated into the music. With the strength of the music, I will pick up something and swing up and down with the rhythm of the music, just like a conductor waving a baton. I sit on the sofa and eat a piece of chocolate to make the bitterness and melancholy in the song more perfect and incisive. I don't want to be disturbed by someone at that time. My heart completely calmed down and put all my troubles behind me. I used to close my eyes and swing left and right. It was a good feeling, as if I  was wearing cheap dance shoes and dancing with the dancers on the stage!

In sunny days, I will pick up a small bench and sit outside the door, feeling the warmth of the sun. Listen! The birds are chirping and the leaves are swaying in the wind. The two blend together like a symphony. There are also birds chasing each other, like excellent dancers fighting. Although there are no all kinds of dance shoes, there is another flavor of dancing with wings. This symphony is so beautiful! Grass also poked his head and swayed heartily. I noticed that the roadside trees and plants, each tree, each grass put on a different posture, as if telling a different story. I have devoted myself to nature.

On rainy days, I often take an umbrella and hum a little song. I wander on the roadside or put on my favorite tap dance shoes. I follow the rain, step on the beat or wear my favorite but cheap ballroom dance shoes. It's a beautiful dance to face the rain outside. Whenever the rain drops on the stone, it will make a clattering sound. The rain seems to give the stone a bath, and the stone is tickling and giggling, like shouting to me. Look! The cobblestone path became smooth. I step on pebbles of different sizes and sand wet by rain, and I can't help humming my favorite songs“ I'm a little bird... "I squat down from time to time to have a look, and cast my eyes on the small pebbles with patterns, carefully selecting them. I pick up the pebble, I tap it, rain is the accompaniment of my music, I feel like a composer, writing their own songs.

On a dark, overcast day, it was like rain. The sky is light dark clouds, most of them are gray. In the park of the community, the green is dark green. Occasionally, there will be a breeze blowing over the treetops, whistling "rustle". It's muggy and the park is quiet. No one wants to come out. And I am the exception, I yearn for freedom, silence. I walked alone on the path, cold, I had to put clothes tightly wrapped up, close to my body. It's cold, but I enjoy the silence. At this time, I can put down all the pressure, easily enjoy the world belongs to this person, also can be a person quietly wearing dance shoes, enjoying the quiet time.

I like quiet, also like freedom!

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