It's hard to forget your back

It was still a rainy and foggy day on the 5th. It was sunny when I got up early on the 6th. Watching the fog slowly recede with the rise of the sun, my heart gradually returned to normal.

Happy time always passes quickly. One day and one night is not a short time at all, but it seems so hasty for us to get together. Sitting on the bus to Wuhan, we talked, smiled and talked. I have been looking at your white, fine and tender smiling face. I feel that your tired body and mind resist talking to me word by word. It is so kind and natural that my heart is full of happiness all the way and my face is always full of smiles.

The car is driving fast on the highway. Although I want it to slow down, my inner desire can't hold the running wheel. The scenery outside is so beautiful, but I don't want to enjoy it. I just keep looking at you sitting next to me. You are so kind and warm with every word and smile. In about an hour, the bus arrived in front of the airport hotel, which indicates that we should separate here. You and your brother-in-law sent us to the hotel hall. At this time, I had reached the edge of emotion, but I still controlled myself. Then we shook hands and hugged each other and waved goodbye. You turned and walked away. I didn't have the courage to chase your back and send you outside the door. I could only stare at your back outside the glass door in a daze, in a daze again

When you came out of my sight, my daughter pulled down my sleeve and signaled that I should go upstairs to my room to have a rest. At this time, I realized that you had left us by car. So I turned around and took the elevator into the room. My daughter turned on the TV for the first time and watched her favorite program. After I put my luggage away, I was at a loss to turn around in the room and didn't want to do anything. Then I took out my mobile phone and sent a text message to you who still had to walk, but you replied to me without writing a word, which made me even more uneasy. Lying in bed, facing the mobile phone, my mind is blank, turning around aimlessly, talking to my daughter, but my daughter watches TV with special concentration. Unable to, I put down my mobile phone, picked up the camera and looked at our photos. Zhang Zhang made me happy.

Thinking about our days together, except when it rains and we need to share an umbrella, most of them are me walking behind you. Your elegant long hair, dancing long skirt, slim posture and warm words really make me unable to forget.

We got together on a rainy day and clearly remember that you said more than once: I forgot to bring my umbrella when I went out. And I said happily: I like rainy days. It's comfortable or not hot in rainy days. It's okay without an umbrella. I have. Having said this, I thought to myself that if the day we met was a sunny day, we might not have close contact; If you go out with an umbrella, there will be no happy figure of me walking in the rain with your arm in hand, and there will be no happy picture of us under the same umbrella. I like to rely on you, the walking of Tonglu mountain, the hand in hand by Cihu Lake and the happy song of KTV, which makes my sister tired and much harder. So far, I feel guilty, but after thinking about it, I can get a hundred times happier. My sister must be happy.

To say that my sister is a good reserved person who is beautiful at home and abroad. She doesn't talk much and her tone is gentle, but her words and sentences are sincere and warm my heart. I have no sense of strangeness and restraint with my sister, but there is a sense of tacit understanding and intimacy. Therefore, I want to say: sister, I am happy with you; I'm happy to have you.

However, happy days are always limited, and the happiness of gathering will end sooner or later. Therefore, in the face of your disappearing back, I can only say-

Sister, your beautiful song has been echoing in my ears, your graceful posture has been emerging in front of me, and your familiar back will always remain in the depths of my memory.

Finally, gently say: sister, cherish, friendship grows.

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