Knowing these four kinds of people as friends will ruin half of your life

[first type]

When you ask a friend to borrow money, you can't wait to kneel down, pat your chest and breast, express gratitude and promise to pay back the money on time. When it comes to paying back the money, you avoid it, evade it for various reasons, even turn off the machine to avoid it, and refuse to pay back the debt. (animal type)

[second kind of person]

People who are happy when you help him, turn their backs when you don't help him, and turn black when it comes to a little interest. (no virtue type)

[Third kind of person]

People who don't respect others and are self-centered. Over the past few years, I have profiteering, got a few money, met several government cadres, felt that everyone is inferior to me, and those who are used to building happiness on the pain of others, harm everyone's interests for their own interests, and show off their achievements in front of the weak. (harmful pest type)

[fourth type]

You have done 9 of the 10 things well for him. If one thing is not as good as his intention, you will turn your face and get along with others. You never remember being good to him, but only remember the places where you don't like him. You have never been grateful for what your friends have helped him and spent for him. You think it's right to pick it up in vain. (white eyed Wolf)

With the above people, your life is basically half destroyed.

Be sure to make four friends:

1. Appreciate your friends: encourage and help you when you are poor.

2. Friends with positive energy: accompany you and enlighten you when you are sad.

3. Friends who lead the way for you: willing to lead you selflessly through the mud and fog.

4. Criticize your friends: always remind you and supervise you. Don't want your life to be bumpy.

With such friends, your life will be full of sunshine.

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