Kunyu autumn night like a mystery

The breeze pulled the bangs of the sunset, which was soft and light, swaying and shaking the weak afterglow of the sunset. It was hard to stop the spring. Wutong leaves and cheap dance shoes a fighting spirit soars aloft. But still some of them are hard to work and fall on the post road, but they are unwilling to lose their posture. They can not help but torn down. The colorful visual beauty is no less beautiful than the leaves on the trees. The afterglow of the sunset and cheap tap shoes makes it warm, touch, comfort and encourage. After reflection, its beautiful appearance becomes more and more obvious.

I can't bear to crush the remains of these "Heroes" who fight against life and never give up. I also appreciate and praise their indomitable charm of staying young and unchanging. He staggered carefully in the post road  and cheap tap dance shoes , and there was no gap between the body and the body as far as possible. In that case, I think I have the same difficulty as them. But they are calm, without the sound of complaint, and give the quiet to the beautiful environment of autumn, and I can't destroy the quiet autumn with complaints.

While I was focusing on my feet, a leaf and ccheap tap shoes fell quietly in the silence, hit me on the shoulder, then bent around and fell in the middle of my partners. Everything returned to silence in an instant. Life is beautiful like summer flowers, and death is beautiful like autumn leaves. There is no need to argue. Everything is public, and the merits and demerits are left to future generations. SA ran was born, suddenly run, the early spring is green, return calmly, and hide a variety of silence in late autumn. I picked up the leaf that had just fallen into the dust and looked at it carefully: the green veins and cheap ballroom dance shoes with clear lines were just as tough as usual, the ridge with incomplete ridge was the missing beam. Who says dead leaves are not scenery? Who will ignore the fact that they do not shrink back from the cold and donate green and indelible leaves?


The setting sun of Kunyu is also lifted by the breeze, and the bright leaves of Kunyu also carry the cold of autumn. The unchanging nature is to stick to and resist the wind and frost silently, stand up tenaciously and resist tenaciously. Even if you fall down in the cold heart, you can maintain a standing posture. I would like to be a leaf of this kind of Kunyu standing quietly in the cold.

The setting sun has set, the autumn wind is blowing again, and the evening photo has become twilight.

The night is mottled with the fragrance of plants and trees and tap shoes, and the graceful waist and limbs are hidden in the graceful and mysterious. The colorful colors are less gorgeous: the charming autumn chrysanthemum hides the charming color, and only the lovely leaves, dancing branches and proud flowers are graceful; The thick stick of Wutong is obscurity, but it can not transform into a big body, and it is more vigorous in this landscape. The dense canopy is no longer a dancing sky group, and you can't see the dancing leaves one by one. They only hold a vigorous outline in a dark whole for you to imagine... At the moment of autumn, they only hold a weak light, which makes people feel comfortable, there is no lack of warmth, and there are endless imaginary connotations in the hazy, dyed with the autumn color of twilight, It is the most hazy old color in autumn: the golden autumn color is no longer dazzling, the gorgeous chrysanthemum is no longer brilliant, but more kind, calm, thin, quiet and comfortable. Autumn is rich, autumn is rich, autumn is outstanding. But the autumn in the twilight is no longer publicized, no longer competing for favor, no longer showing off. The autumn   and tap dance shoes in the twilight is more like an old man who has achieved success, knows well about the world, is brilliant, introverted, calm and thick: he is bright in his true colors and does not show off; Show magnanimous, do not hide; Exile is sincere and not misleading; Show the years, do not whitewash; Vernacular means nature, not packaging. If I am old, I long for the autumn in the twilight, I will no longer regret, and I will not feel in vain

In the flow of time, the scenery is always changing, changing inadvertently, changing where you neglect or pay attention. It is so casual and natural, light and gentle that people don't realize it. When we want to be surprised, the twilight doesn't know where to go, and the night has quietly taken over

Fidgety settled, the mottled color faded, and a dark curtain closed all spaces. The night completely and firmly rules everything. The boundless black, the ink and cheap tap dancing shoes like that you can't see your fingers, the uniform, thick and thin, chaotic and boundless outline, and the single dark has become the true color of the night; All sounds are quiet, melodious or harsh, loud or dull, long or short, clear or mixed, monotonous or rich. All sounds have disappeared, and the single silence has become the essence of the night.

Night, blurred or graceful beauty, or grandstanding agitation, or unstoppable fortitude, or indomitable flexibility, or strategic writing, or graceful and hazy image beauty; Night is inclusive, or ugly, or affectation, or deception, or collusive officialdom, or collusion, or power. Make all nature clear and illusory, all bright and hazy, and all sense of existence nihilistic.

Night seems to be a baptism specially prepared for us. Tao should wash away your original past, give you a new future, blur your original appearance with darkness, so as to reshape your clear self with freshness. Whether you are tired or fighting; A brilliant, or a bleak; One is rebellious, or the other is neither humble nor arrogant; Natural pride, or natural pride; Full of achievements, or full of emptiness; Comfortable life or tired work; A feeling of satisfaction or dissatisfaction; High profile display, or low-key and cheap dance shoes concealment. Night, like a meat grinder, will crush your complicated past, and then return to your dust-free beginning.

Kunyu's night is also such a big dye vat: thick darkness covers all consciousness, ideas and attitudes; Cover the humble, ashamed and gloomy; It covers failure, confusion and hesitation; Covered with pale, monotonous and lonely. All your self feelings are broken, and then you and him, passers-by or host, Wanderer or host, cold scholar or noble, frustrated or frustrated, successful or failed, bold or graceful, self feeling good or introspection is not satisfactory, famous flowers have no owner or heart, and all are chaotic, Then release at an exit: start your style again, bloom your colorful again, put aside your old opinions, you are a new yourself. I am willing to be a part of this Kunyu night that changes the good and evil of human nature and cleanses the dirt of my heart.


It is said that Kunyu is a young city, but since it is young, why is it not flashy, simple, empty and restless? To say she is young means her vigorous life growth? You mean her changing with each passing day   and dance shoes ? You mean she's not what she used to be? It is rich and broad everywhere, often with deep rhyme and silent rhyme. Love and hate are obscure, joy and restraint, moderate retraction and release, gathering and dispersion are stable, there is no thread for praise and criticism, and neither flatter nor disgrace. In this vast night, what I realized was that the city was tolerant, ambitious, warm and warm. It was not surprised at the waves, but calm in the face of leaps and bounds, cautious in the face, not happy in praise and criticism, not confused in gain and loss, and not flattered in favor.

Kunyu's autumn is deep. The night is like a mystery. Is this the colorful leaf that can still bloom without changing its original heart and persisting in blooming, disturbed by the prosperity of the world? Or distinguish right from wrong, be familiar with likes and dislikes, be familiar with pros and cons, dilute achievements, accommodate mistakes, and still be silent, with a broad and tap dance shoes mind and a broad vision, a mottled twilight of color? Or is it to blacken all the past, knead everything into thin and broken ink, and then reshape the night of the same bright and beautiful new day?

Autumn has no turning back, and the night is silent. Everything seems to be silent. I seem to have to touch the night, put away my fantasy and cheap tap dance shoes, put away my imagination, put away my imagination, and go back.

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