Learn dance

Learn dance

When I was 5 years old, my mother felt that my baby could not sit straight and her posture was not right enough, so she decided to apply for a boy dance class in the children's palace. This baby's dance career began.

Boys dance class is a public welfare class. Public welfare classes do not pay tuition, which makes my mother feel like school and play, my mother and I do not have the pressure of learning tasks.

The dance teacher is a male teacher, tall and loud. At the beginning of the class, there were 14 babies. Later, some babies couldn't stand the ordeal of practicing dance. Some people quit one after another. Now there are only 9 students.

Learn dance from the pressure leg, pressure shoulder, pressure cross, kick and other basic skills training, the teacher taught every action very seriously.

Leg pressing is a hard job. The teacher asked the babies to put their legs on the binding rod first, and then ordered us to press the legs with our chest. Just after the leg pressing, before the babies could rest, the teacher asked them to press their shoulders. Just wanted to have a rest, the teacher "ordered" us to split our forks and kick our legs. The babies were all so tired that they were grinning, aching and exhausted.

What's more, the teacher asked the babies to lower their waist, the teacher helped the students lower their waist one by one, and the students who had lower their waist all complained bitterly. One of the babies had an unstable foothold, and "plop" fell a somersault, causing everyone to laugh.

Later, we kept practicing and soon got used to these basic skills.

There is a child in the class, who is a typical ADHD. Every time in class, he can only practice for a while, and then he likes to lie on the ground and roll. The teacher has no choice but to talk to his mother for several times, and the effect is not good.

The key is that he is standing next to my baby and always interferes with me, which makes me very upset. Later, the teacher really can't go on, let him stand far away from everyone to amuse himself. I'm clean.

The teacher of the dance class appreciated the baby very much. He said that the baby danced seriously, danced well, and had a good understanding. In the first semester of dance class, I was awarded the title of excellent student. It makes me happy.

So I love dancing, and I've been dancing till now.

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