Let the heart go home

Let the heart go home

I don't know when the golden holiday has passed. When I came back from my study tour in Canada, I unloaded my heavy backpack and luggage. Finally, I came back to this familiar gate.

The prelude of the sports meeting and dance competition slowly opened, facing the track hazy because of fatigue and sleepiness, I hesitated. Stagger to run a few steps, only feel a burst of numbness from the tip of the foot along the blood gradually spread in the body, "this sports meeting, in the end, still participate in? I want to take part in those dances. My cheap dancing shoes are only cheap tap dancing shoes and cheap ballroom dance shoes, but there are no cheap jazz dancing shoes. Do I want to take part in the jazz dancing competition? " I picked up my schoolbag and went home.

Autumn leaves began to add glory to the earth, a layer of colorful coat covering the earth, "Shua La" a foot to separate a pile of leaves, the sound of drying with the pace forward. In my mind, I used to run in the sports meeting. Suddenly, the leaves behind me made a "Hua Hua" flying sound, with overwhelming momentum. Before I had time to turn my head, I just heard a "pa" - her slap on my bulging bag, "Why are you so depressed? If you can't run, don't go. No one forces you! And what competitions are you going to take part in? Where can I get cheap jazz shoes for you? If you want to join others, I also have cheap tap shoes and cheap ballet shoes! " She was as straight as a tree by the side of the road, and I had been bent down by the autumn wind. I opened my mouth and thought of a few "buts", but she pulled me away. As soon as I leaned, the leaves on the road were flying around.

Finally, I chose to go to the "battlefield". There were a lot of people around the playground, and she was still looking at me at the preparation site of the starting point. "Be careful, if you can't, just slow down!" I look at the number plate in the corner of my chest and squat down to get ready.

As the finale of the sports meeting, it seems that the eyes of the whole audience are focused here. For the first time, I felt unfamiliar with this posture of preparation. The sound of gunfire flowed into my ears along the tense air, stepped on the beating drum of my heart, got up, and quickly moved my legs. I seemed to notice the abnormality of my body again. Not far from the finish line, his feet began to be heavy, and he could not lift them quickly. The wind in his ears was gradually weakening in panic and fear, and the footsteps of his opponents were gradually clear behind him. Suddenly, a blank mind was filled with a powerful cheering sound. The whole class rushed to the finish line from the other side of the playground, and the familiar tall, short, fat and thin figures were pushing each other ridiculously, But the most powerful words came out of my mouth. Later, I took part in the jazz dance competition and the tap dance competition in the cheap jazz dance shoes she gave me.

She opened her arms at the end. I held my breath and rushed across the end with my last strength. I jumped into her arms. I was the first to hit the line, and the students came again, comforting and caring like the fallen leaves of yesterday

I know the class is like a special family. What I do for it doesn't need more consideration. As long as I try my best to do my best, the former beauty has not been left to today. However, let the heart knock on the door that belongs to the original intention, just like finding the best part of going home. We all know that time soon, just full of dust, sports and dance let us full of passion! Now those cheap dance shoes are in the corner, enjoying my respect for them!

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