Life needs a calm mind

Life needs a calm mind

Life has no rehearsal, every day is live broadcast, not only low ratings, but also low wages. And what the perfect life needs is a calm mind. Everyone needs to have a way to calm their heart. I like dancing and dancing on dance stage in cheap dancing shoes!

A calm mind needs to have today's heart. Why lose the present mood for the regret of pain, why be afraid for inexplicable worry and be anxious all day long. The past has gone and gone, and it will not help to regret. What is expected is beyond reach, and how worried it will be empty and sad. Today's heart, today's affairs and people are real and feel good. Of course, the past experience should be summarized, and the future risks should be prevented, so that is wisdom. If you can't calm down, you can learn me, buy a pair of cheap tap dancing shoes, and put music in the open place, tap dancing or other dance until you are tired and stop!

Yesterday has passed and tomorrow is still coming. Today is true. Life needs to have today's heart.

A calm mind should do what you should do with your heart. Life is so short, which mind to waste? Wise philosopher once said: "there are people in the street scold me, I don't even return to the head, do not want to know this boring person!" We should not hurt others or be criticized by others. We should do our best to learn from the facts first according to our own wishes.

Especially when young people are full-time, they should try their best to learn skills and do not distract. Do what you should do with your heart in your life.

Don't worry too much about a calm mind

Others' comments. No painting is not evaluated by others, and no one is not discussed by others. If I am silent, some people blame "the city is very deep"; If you are good at talking, someone will accuse "boasting"; If you praise others, someone will blame "don't have intention"; If you criticize in good faith, someone will be more likely to think "be idle".

Look at the face of others, do you still live? Life should have self, and will not be obsessed with self.

Calm heart to recognize self, see through life. Everyone has his own way of living, his own pain. My own sorrow I understand, their own happiness to feel. Perhaps the hell in his eyes is heaven in the eyes of others; Life is such a funny thing that we need to understand.

Life is the most important thing to live a good life. Life needs to find its wisdom.

In life, constantly leave or enter. So I saw it, or I couldn't see it; Remember or forget. In life, there are gains and losses, so should not see what; It's time to forget. However, is it not the loss that is equal to not being? What you get, will it never disappear? Not like this, life is like a dream, creating people, that perfect life, is to have a calm mind to achieve. Accompany dance, with dancing shoes, let yourself calm!

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