Like a thunderclap on the roof

When I met him, she was not even seventeen years old, and she was a senior high school sophomore in the best high school in the town. Teachers, students and parents all feel that the legendary academic bully must be admitted to a good university in the future. But suddenly, she made a decision that surprised everyone: she was going to drop out of school and marry the little boyfriend she met online.

Like a thunderclap on the roof, the whole family is confused. After a brief panic, the family began to run around. Grandma, who brought her up, was afraid that she would be picked up by the hooligan. She stood alone at the school gate every day, waiting for her to study next night. I can't bear to blame her for not winning, and I only regret that I shouldn't have bought her a good mobile phone. If you can't chat on the Internet, you won't know that hooligan. Grandma firmly believes that the little boyfriend who is idle and whose family background is unclear is a hooligan. Because I visited the boy's home, the testimony of the people and the official supported this conclusion.

She was very indignant at such slander and often jumped out to defend him. At the worst of the quarrel, she even ran away from home. Grandma was worried and worried. She brought in her closest relatives to persuade her. As a fortune teller, she drew a picture of the bleak trend and beautiful blueprint of her beautiful love. Naturally, she couldn't listen to it. In spite of her disgust, she was somewhat disdainful: after all, it was nothing more than the current way of talking. It was too nutritious. Besides, what if he is a hooligan? When meeting the right person, the prodigal son will return the money!

After several rounds of repetition, she still left school and went to work with him without hesitation. Although she was born in a small family, she has always been arrogant because she was spoiled since childhood. Of course, the waiter in Hot Pot City can't do it. Several workers were ordered by guests and deducted by the boss. The money she earned was beyond her means. She followed the great love and went home with him.

At first, he raised silkworms at home. But when the mulberry tree was infested with insects, the silkworm babies died of starvation. There is no money in other places, and life is very tight. Since she was a child in the city, she could not do farm work in the countryside. She had to listen to her mother-in-law's gossip when she was eating in a poor family. Once Grandma came to see her, just as she was standing in the cold wind with a big belly and dejected, she was sulking, while the rascal was playing with his mobile phone at the kang head without lifting his head. The old lady was distressed and angry, so she would take her back if she said anything. She refused to do anything: I chose my own path, and I don't regret it.

She became a mother before her eighteenth birthday. Because of malnutrition, the daughter was born with only 2 kg. For the weak children, it is inevitable that the expenses will be higher, and her father can not find the right thing to do, so the milk powder money has become the last straw to crush the livelihood. After carrying it for several months, she went back to ask Grandma if she could let the three of them come back to live and let him work in the future. Of course, the scrupulous grandma disagreed. She came back with her eyebrows down and squeezed out of the shabby minibus. Her best clothes were torn by the fish basket again. She was depressed and embarrassed. She hurried home with tears in her eyes, but there was no one in the room. There were a few drops of noise on the kang. She picked it up and looked at it. It was WeChat on his mobile phone. He is talking with a big wave of women who can fly around. His hot and frivolous words are burning and revealing. Although he is useless, he is familiar with this aspect. Thinking about herself, she was also in his way at the beginning, and her indignation came especially fierce. So, as soon as he came back from the hut, she rushed up quickly and grabbed him with long and shallow bloodstains all over his face. It was not very tragic, but it was painful enough, just like her heart.

After a while of tearing, the two entered a desperate cold war. She was bored to hold her mobile phone on Weibo, and then remembered that her classmates were about to take the college entrance examination. She cheered on her friends and thought that if she had not been with him, she might have been Zhen Huan recalling the King of Guojun: reciting his peaceful and leisurely life under the wind window

Looking back on the past year and more, I found that the prophecy and advice of my relatives were similar to those of my relatives. She suddenly felt a kind of inexplicable resentment and anger towards that relative, as if she had been cursed by that person as she is today. In fact, in the eyes of the past, the versions of life seem to be rich, but the routines are nothing but those. Many loves know the end at the beginning, but everyone who is deeply involved in them thinks that they will be a lonely book. Unfortunately, after many twists and turns, they finally fall into a rut and the whole story is meaningless.

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