Like chrysanthemums

spend one 's life in fruitless efforts.

The wind, whispering, standing alone in the wind, silently thinking of you, may the wind carry my thoughts to you.

Looking at the wild geese coming back from the north in the sky, my heart is broken, just like the leaves flying all over the sky, falling down with a swish, no color of life can be found.

In the moment of reverie, I saw chrysanthemums quietly blooming in the rustling autumn wind, yellow elegant, white noble, purple warm.

Under the sun, the color of chrysanthemums is so full, flawlessly shaking every petal, like the whole disclosure of its life.

I was surprised to find that the chrysanthemum, which has been battered by the cold wind and bitter rain, has never been afraid of loneliness and does not need to be watered and pruned by people. It absorbs the essence of the morning and sunset and grows silently and happily. Therefore, my heart also leaps for it.

At this time, the sky in the west is already the color of dusk. Looking at chrysanthemums, I am still immersed in the sunset of love. I can't bear to part, looking back silently.

The night is deep, the feeling is deep, and the light in my heart is the brightest! You are like a chrysanthemum.

The seemingly peaceful life and unforgettable events have left a deep impression on my memory, recording every bit of life. My face is like a peach blossom, and my body is as weak as a willow.

You are considerate. Together with you, I always feel like a spring breeze. I can never let go of the feelings that can never be extinguished.

You come to me, from strangers to acquaintances, from never knowing to understanding, to mutual understanding and understanding, so that my feelings, because you have been returned, so that my heart, long immersed in your happiness.

On the days of acquaintance, my face was full of happiness. When I walked, I felt light. It is you who capture my heart with warm and romantic feelings. Looking at your smile and speaking freely, I always have a passion in my heart. I always want to have a vigorous love.

Remember that day, originally, you were cheerful and lively, and your eyes were filled with tears, and you became silent. I asked you again and again, and you were forced to disclose that: business trip.

Hearing these two words, my heart trembled. For me, it is undoubtedly a thunderbolt. It took me a long time to come back to my senses. The corners of my mouth twitched and I said with a smile: "When you are well, our love will continue."

In fact, the sublimation of love is that when you were on a business trip, I looked at your back and waved goodbye with tears.

Not in the day and night together, SMS is the link between you and me for the sublimation of love. Too much love, countless Acacia tears, endless love words to talk with you, so I have to rub my love into the words.

In the short message, we talked about love implicitly, encouraged each other, and described the future together. My worries, filled with your happy laughter, disappeared in an instant. Although, can not meet, just because of love, life has become extremely happy.

When you left quietly, I was in anticipation and anxiety every day. Since then, I have dreamt of the end of the world and had a long and bitter love.

In the golden autumn night, the wind is cool. Who do you share the night with?

Like you in chrysanthemum, do you know?

When I miss you, I have to look up at the boundless sky so as not to let my tears stay.

Think, chrysanthemum, ignore the cold wind, think, chrysanthemum, look at the frost and rain in the hotbed, think, the blooming chrysanthemum in the garden, the happy butterfly, dancing in the chrysanthemum cluster, the fantastic color, weaves a piece of colorful brocade in my heart, which is beautiful.

The autumn moon passes like the wind, sighing in vain that time is wasted. However, love cannot be forgotten, and love cannot be forgotten.

At this moment, let the wind bring you my deepest and favorite blessing:

Chrysanthemum, leisurely full of wind laughing late. Frightened frost and rain, cold fragrance rush people's nose.

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