Listen, there are children laughing

Listen, the children's laughter came from my ears.

This is a sound that words cannot describe.

This is a feeling that cannot be expressed in words.

After seven years, I once again stood on the land of the primary school. This new primary school is not my familiar primary school. Everything here is strange. I come here no longer as a primary school student, but in the name of the dandelion college student social practice team of Lingnan Normal University. I am no longer sitting on the seats in the classroom one by one, waiting for the teacher to teach me new unknown knowledge like a crying chick. Instead, I walk in and out of each classroom, recording everything beautiful with a camera in my hand.

This is a rural area. The whole primary school has only two or three storey teaching buildings, but it covers six classes from kindergarten to sixth grade of primary school. The walls are concrete, the ground is concrete, and only the children's laughter is soft.

When we woke up in the morning, it was less than 6:30, and the outside was already very busy. Curious children kept looking at the door of the classroom where we lived. They did not dare to come in, but they did not want to leave. They did not say a word, did not ask, but just smiled "foolishly". It was the clear laughter that drove away all our sleepiness. But I was stunned. I don't know if you have heard such a voice. I can only describe it in such a clear word. It seems that the voice can always echo and never disappear. It is a little like the cry of a young bird, a little like the collision of a silver bell. It is a voice that is difficult to express, but I can hear innocence from it. Such a clear and pure voice can only be heard by innocent children.

The simple opening ceremony opened the prelude to the 10-day research activity of supporting education. What makes people feel very lovely is that after the headmaster announced the division of classes and announced the dissolution, the clear voice came back to my ears. All the students rushed to their classrooms laughing. No one knows why they do this. Maybe they don't even know why they want to rush and run. They have no purpose, but they can always bring laughter to themselves and people around them. Is this magic?

While I was still in a trance, the class bell rang.

The "temporary head teacher" walked into each class, and the students who had already been seated in the classroom sat quietly on their seats, staring at the new teacher who walked onto the platform. The first class is a meeting between teachers and students. From time to time in the classroom, there were answers in the same voice. The crisp, tender, and laughter mixed answers could not help but make people feel trance. For many years, I haven't heard such a voice or encountered such a scene. While feeling that I am no longer childlike, I deeply love such a voice.

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