Little dancer Avril

Little dancer Avril

How beautiful she is! White face inlaid with a pair of big eyes, ponytail tied with a beautiful bow. She is Avril, the little dancer in our class.

Look! Her dancing figure appeared in the music classroom again. Her posture was beating with the music. She sometimes raised her hands and legs. Any dancing props seemed to have life in her dance.

It is precisely because she is conscientious and diligent in her dance practice. From one year to three years, from three years to five years, after countless frustrations and ridicules, she finally walked out of a sunny road. People often say, "one minute on dance stage, ten years off." She is practicing dancing when others are playing; she is still practicing dancing when others are watching TV; if she can't do a dance step, she will practice it even if she doesn't eat or sleep.

I remember one time, she participated in the competition of art week on behalf of Zhenxiao. As an audience, I sat down to enjoy her dance. I could not help but sweat for her. Her sweet smile relieved my heart. She walked onto the stage and bowed to the audience. Then she took a deep breath. The soft music sounded and the beautiful dancing posture leaped up. It was as if we had entered a quiet village. The villagers were doing farm work. Avril slowly turned a few circles. After lifting her hand, the music suddenly became faster and faster. From time to time, she quickly turned seven or eight circles From time to time, they lie on the ground and roll, and from time to time they jump high. It seems that the audience can see the sudden rainstorm coming in the quiet village, the house falling down and the wall collapsing, and the rescuers are rescuing the villagers. Suddenly, the music stopped, but we were still intoxicated in the tense atmosphere. She walked easily to the middle and bowed with a smile. Suddenly, the whole audience burst into thunderous applause!

She has practiced many dances, jazz dance, tap dancing, modern dance, ballet dance, Cha Cha dance, tango dance, all the dances she has learned. She is very proficient in the dance: she is like a dance spirit, dancing a different life!

She is my little dancer Avril in your class! She conquered all the people with her graceful dancing posture. Dancing is her best friend!

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