Long hair ties his heart

He has a special liking for long hair, which is well hidden in love. I also found out after marriage. After marriage, he was afraid to go shopping with him. Whenever he saw a woman with beautiful hair passing by, he would stare at others. I was so jealous that I wanted to cover the eyes of the person around me.

Later, when I opened his diary when he was young, I found that it was full of photos of beautiful women with long hair. What impressed me most was Taiwan's beauty Lin Da. She had beautiful hair, long, smooth, and a pair of dimples. Even my idol, Andy Lau, said that the lover in his dream should have long hair and envy. Only those who have experienced it can realize it.

At that time, I had short hair with full ears and looked a little pure and lovely. But compared with the famous Miss Lin, I feel ashamed. Besides, it's just a long hair. I just need it. Once this idea sprouts in my heart, it will grow up quickly.

The plan has just been implemented for less than two months. I found myself pregnant. What can we do? Most expectant mothers during pregnancy have short hair, rarely long hair. The tangle in my heart is no less than the choice of fish and bear's paw. Touch the baby in the belly and look at the long hair in the mirror. I really feel reluctant

The days went by in a tangle, and my hair was never cut off. When I was four months pregnant, I accidentally fell down. For safety, I resigned to raise a baby at home. Usually I am too lazy to go out, too lazy to make up, and the plan of growing long hair is very peaceful.

When I was in labor, the doctor suggested cutting my hair short. I shook my head like a rattle. Back home, he begged shamelessly, "Honey, cut your hair for the sake of the children.". He swore to write a letter of guarantee and never read it again when he met a woman with long hair. How can we give up our efforts in a few months?

During the month, I grew the long hair I dreamed of. The baby was weaned after six months. I went to the barber shop to do a straightening ion perm. Three hours later, I looked at the woman with long hair floating in the mirror and was overjoyed. When I got home, he carried me around three times. Wife, you don't have to get up to feed the baby milk powder or go to the kitchen from this evening. I said why? He said that only when you have a good rest can your hair shine. Too much cooking fume in the kitchen will hurt your hair

Xiao Bao cried in the evening. I gave him a push, and my dear got up quickly to prepare milk powder for the baby. Watching him clumsily holding the baby to feed, I felt happy. When he was busy in the kitchen, I was making fun of the baby in the baby carriage while eating melon seeds

That day, for a very small matter, I quarreled. He turned over the old account and said that you had never cared about the child since six months ago. Eating, drinking, lazing and sleeping are all my business. I am not willing to be outdone. I dare not stay up late or go to the kitchen in order to keep your long hair. Since you don't like regular nutrition, I will deal with the culprit now.

I use scissors to wring my hair while wiping tears. He did not see this formation. He ran over quickly, grabbed the scissors in my hands, and threw them into the trash can. He held me in his arms, touched my hair and said, "Wife, let's not wring, OK?"? I will never quarrel with you again. I scolded in my heart, fool, I used advanced simulation scissors!

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