Long way to support education, I want to stick to this pure land

One has a dream. I once had a very simple but simple dream, that is, to have the opportunity to teach in some poor areas. And this summer vacation, I finally had the opportunity to come to this strange village in large packages, which was already ready to move. In fact, I was ready before I came to this remote primary school. I knew that the environment might not be very good, so the simple accommodation conditions didn't make me feel unacceptable. After everything was arranged, I began to meditate. What is the significance of supporting education? Is it just to leave a little bit of your own teaching experience in these ten days? This question makes me deep in thought. In the next ten days, I will test it with my own actions.

When I put on my work permit, I know that I am not only the original myself, but also an identity, that is, a support teacher. I stepped into the classroom that had experienced vicissitudes. The classroom was not big. The children put their desks in order, as if they were welcoming the support teachers. Looking into the classroom, the two dusty ceiling fans on the ceiling, the mottled mud in the corner showed its face, as well as the black and moldy wall, several pieces of chalk with different lengths packed in a moon cake box on the desk, and the pothole blackboard... Look at the children's eyes that are particularly clear because of excitement. At this moment, my heart melted. What melted my heart? It is sympathy for the children and moved by their warm and simple innocence. The loud "teacher" caught me a little unprepared. I know my ability is not enough, but it is precisely because the children gave me more motivation to teach children new things that they can't touch at ordinary times. The narrow village restricts their eyes, and they need more resources to expand their horizons and become better themselves.

The class is wonderful, and the enthusiasm of the children won't embarrass me at all. It was their ingenuity that conquered me and made me more patient to stick to the three foot platform. Dance teaching is very hot. Dou Da's sweat has been flowing down his forehead, and the two antique ceiling fans in the classroom have been rotating all the time. Time seems to stay at this moment. Every pore of my body is releasing, and I sweat all over because I teach children to dance. My sweat shows my love for them. When a class is over, the children will still hold your hand and let you continue teaching. This kind of sincerity is something I can't see in the bustling city.

After dinner, I practiced the program of the gala on the flag raising platform alone. My song attracted a little girl. She was wearing a pair of slippers that were too black to see the pattern. Her pink coat was covered in her pants and looked different in length. She had shoulder length short hair, and the bangs on her forehead were divided into strips because of sweat. The little girl sat shyly beside me and silently watched me practice songs. I was impressed by her smile. She loves to laugh, and seems to be full of hope for her future, as well as confusion and expectation for the future. The girl's grandmother came to pick her up and went home. I shouted to her, "you're cute! \" the little girl looked back and smiled. Her smile made me feel the joy of summer. At this moment, cicadas kept shouting in the tree, ants on the ground lined up in the gap, a cow passed by the school gate, and the fresh smell of grass came to my nose... This is rural life, this is the life of supporting teachers, very quiet, very quiet.

I know that the bustling and gorgeous city is very charming, and I also know that the night market is very noisy. But I prefer to enjoy the life of supporting education in the countryside and have a personal space to think. I know there is a long way to go, so I want to stick to this pure land, bring more surprises and hopes to the children, and let them learn to walk on the broad road alone.

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