Look at the blue sky and white clouds

It's hard for me to understand and even dissatisfied with my eldest brother's lifestyle.

Return home during the summer vacation. The big brother, who is not far away, finally came that day. Sleepy and listless. At first glance, I knew that he played mahjong too much. "It's good to have a look at the blue sky and white clouds and morning glory at that time! You don't have to spend a penny. Why bother playing mahjong and spending money to buy guilt! Are you stupid?" He really glanced at the sky and glanced at the morning glory on the fence. At first, his face was blank, then disdained, as if he said what a good thing it was!

And when I say that, it's both angry and not angry. This idea has emerged for a long time, and according to it, the world is divided into smart people and stupid people: smart people who can get happiness without spending money - such as looking at blue sky and white clouds and morning glory; Spend money to buy happy - such as bars, nightclubs, golf - fools. Of course, the ancient Su Dongpo was a smart man. As the saying goes: "everything is considerable. If there is something considerable, there is coke." Another cloud said: "only the breeze on the river and the bright moon in the mountains can be heard and become sound, and the eyes can meet it. It is taken without prohibition and inexhaustible. It is the endless possession of the creator, and it is suitable for me and my son." Today, like me, I'm certainly not as smart as Dongpo, but I also know how to appreciate the detachment of blue sky and white clouds and the beauty of morning glory, and hope to "fit in" with my eldest brother, so I can't say I'm a fool. The eldest brother is not. It should be noted that playing mahjong, in the words of the eldest brothers, there is no finger punching in vain. A handful of 20 cents is the lowest price. Even if it is the lowest, it will win or lose around 100 yuan from morning till night. And this is only one aspect, worse is harmful to health. Not to mention anything else, Ma you mostly smokes, and the room is not big, so he smokes miasma, and he can't even breathe a mouthful of fresh air. So I asked him if he was stupid.

But later, I thought carefully, is brother really stupid? Or does it really cost nothing to enjoy the blue sky and white clouds morning glory? Appreciation itself does not cost a penny, but the process leading to appreciation costs money. This is because to see the fame from the blue sky and white clouds and the morning glory generally requires corresponding literary cultivation and aesthetic ability, which requires education. It is impossible to receive education without spending a penny. Compared with two cents a handful of mahjong, it is certain that the investment in education is large. My eldest brother went to the production team to do farm work before he graduated from primary school. Later, he served as a soldier for several years, worked as a so-called worker in a breeding farm for several years after he was discharged from the army, and then was laid off. At least the year before last, I survived to retirement age and finally got a pension. As far as I know, he almost never reads books and doesn't know what literature is about. Such big brother and people like big brother, even if they look at the sky and the clouds, are mostly to judge whether it will rain tomorrow to alleviate the drought or whether it is suitable for drying mushrooms. It is impossible to appreciate the generosity of "rolling clouds with the horizon" and realize the Zen meaning of "walking to the poor place of water and sitting watching the clouds rise".

Philosophers divide human life into three levels: material life, spiritual life and soul life. As a spiritual life, aesthetics is undoubtedly an important one. Shi Tiesheng suggested adding "more beautiful" after the Olympic slogan "faster, higher, stronger". it stands to reason. In recent years, our society has witnessed faster economic development, higher living standards and stronger national strength. But isn't it more beautiful? Do you know what beauty is? To put it harshly, in addition to the beauty of money and face, how much beauty do we know? In recent years, I have returned home every summer vacation. Walking at the end of the village, I often think how good it is to plant a few tree species and flowers on both sides of the village road, in front of and behind the house!

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