lost love thanks

This is not a sentimental memoir, but coincidentally, I just picked up my pen and thought of you who was meticulous.

No one is willing to believe that there will be simple friendship between men and women, especially at that age when youth sprouts and hormones are wanton. I don't know whether it's really silly or pretending to be silly. I don't have the concept of gender difference, so I don't think it will separate me at all.

The memory of your existence has passed for a long time. It's too long to know that you have existed for several months. The time with you is like a dream, which is not real enough.

No matter how hard I try, I can't remember how to become a friend. I'm not a shy and weak girl. I won't have the kind of life in the novel as if I met the Savior. From then on, I'll live a bright and harmless life, but what you give me makes me 17-year-old and 18-year-old like an ignorant child, willful and carefree.

Remember that Kong Mingdeng, who is as tall as you? That was the first time I put it on. I bought the biggest one. I said that I could write down our secrets and let them fly. You let me lose my temper. On such a cold day, ninja caught a cold. Holding Kong Mingdeng made me want to write down the secrets for a long time. If I remember correctly, there are five quick items. If I don't let you see them, you can hold them honestly without any complaints.

The Kongming lantern we flew together must not have flown to the highest and farthest place. Otherwise, how could we sit alone in front of the computer and recall the past.

Inadvertent stomach pain shows that at an age when Baidu is not omnipotent, the food taboos and beneficial products on the small note secretly ran out not long ago to remind the sad self that they had been treated gently by others.

The book "if you are in full bloom, the breeze comes" that has been with me instead of you is not far or near in the corner of the book I can see from time to time, just like you at the beginning.

Never regret giving up all the ways to contact you, but regret that you were so wayward at the beginning. The time when you appeared by my side gave me all the beauty, but I never cared so much about your mood and asked for your kindness regardless. If I could treat you better and care about your joys and sorrows, you wouldn't cry that night, would you?

After I separated from you, like being angry, I don't accept anyone's kindness to me, don't lose my temper, consider other people's feelings and say as little as possible. In fact, it's very good. You made me grow up a lot. I learned to be independent, not rely on anyone, learn to accept and enjoy loneliness, and learn to listen first, think first, and then do. It was also during that time that I fell in love with writing for myself. Indeed, I admit that my writing is not good enough. How can you expect a nervous woman to write elegant words with hundreds of turns of ileum.

Once the best boyfriend and girlfriend, I don't know where you are now, what kind of life you live, and whether there is a lovely woman to treat you gently. Wish you are happy. I'm fine now. I'm stronger and more capable than I thought I was.

I have never thanked you face-to-face for being gentle and amazing. I would like to miss myself who was young and frivolous and you who were willing to pay with this article.

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