Love is simple

I remembered a sentence that was regarded as the truth by many men and women in love. I didn't care about everlasting love, but only about having it. I felt that there was a sense of great righteousness for love, and I was not afraid of the consequences of love dying out because of love. A psychologist also explained this kind of love as: don't care about the results, but only about the process, because the results are simple and monotonous, while the process is complex and enjoyable. Is that true?

I once heard a story that a boy fell in love with a girl, and the girl was also very fond of the boy. But when the boy confessed to the girl, the girl refused. She said that she would send her a rose every day and say that I love you every day. After she had 999 roses and 999 words that I love you, she would accept the confession. The end of the story is tragic: the boy sent a rose to her window every day and said "I love you" every day, regardless of wind and rain, regardless of heat and cold. If the girl is not at home, the boy would write the three words "I love you" on a piece of paper and hang it on the rose. But one day, the boy rushed to the girl's window before the last minute of the day, because he was in a hurry to get into a car accident, he still held the rose tightly when he died, Only I love you forever stay in the mouth never closed.

In fact, love is really simple. It is so simple that it doesn't even need a rose or a word "I love you". Since they have already fallen in love with each other, why should they artificially create a process of pursuit. Love is not only how to get it, but also how to keep it going. When I was in college, one of my roommates always came back from a date and said, "Today she is half an hour late. I just need to be 29 minutes later than the date. I just need to come before her.". I couldn't help being horrified. Before I got love, I learned to calculate how much value this love has. But he said: love is a war between two sides, there should be strategies and traps. After listening to this, I can't help but acquiesce. Isn't there such a saying? Love is not about who gets what, but about who gets what first.

Wang Xiaobo wrote in his love letter to Li Yinhe: Li Yinhe, I just want to tell you what I don't want to say to others. I think Li Yinhe will also say in his reply: Wang Xiaobo, I just want to hear what you just want to say to me. Love is so simple, that is to say what he or she wants to hear and what he or she wants to say, even if he or she doesn't want to talk. It is very beautiful to sit quietly like that. Love like the deaf mute, making ears and mouths redundant. Only the heart is the habitat and refuge of love. If two people fall in love without saying a word or listening to a word, it must be the purest, truest and most plain love in the world. Sitting back to back on the carpet, listening to music and talking about wishes, as long as you keep each other in mind, that is the most romantic thing, that is, the ageless love that can slowly grow old with you.

On Valentine's Day every year, flowers and love flood the city. People who love, people who do not love, people who really love, people who fake love, all want to look for a person, all want to look for an excuse, use flowers and honeyed words to make love beautiful and shining, as if love will only light up the day and night of this day. What about the rest of the day? Can we live on just one day. What's more, those who seek love for Valentine's Day, those who celebrate the festival for seeking love, and those who have love only on Valentine's Day, are they all for love? Just for a holiday. Those who cultivate flowers will not cultivate love, nor will those who sell flowers sell love. Those who own flowers, whether they are givers or receivers, cannot give and receive love. If flowers and festivals are omitted, love will be simple, simple and pure.

I always think of the love of those rural people who have lost their soil. Although they are usually noisy, awkward, and even close to starting, these are just not too rich lives, not too pleasant things, and a little flaw imposed on love. How simple and simple their love is, and even the shortcomings are obvious. In the field, one behind the other, in the orchard, up and down, on the yellow mud road, one left and one right, in a harmonious home, one inside and one outside. This is how simple and warm love, she is simply the best match between men and women. A man was pulling a fully loaded flatbed truck up the slope, leaning forward. A woman was pushing hard with her hands behind her, and her body was also leaning forward. They certainly didn't think of love at the moment, but they must be thinking of each other at the moment. This is called "Xiangru Yimu", and this is called "Never give up". Who can have such a brilliant love.

Love is simple, as long as it is true love, love is simple, as long as the people who love each other as their own. Love is a misunderstanding of love. If you love a thousand times, it hurts love. Love is to stand shoulder to shoulder and help each other in the same boat. Love is hand in hand and heart to heart. I really yearn for such a kind of love: love at first sight, then make a private life, a wedding, then grow old together. There are no twists and turns, no twists and turns, and no twists and turns. A way, go on, flat light, go on for a lifetime, simple.

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