Love is the ultimate heartache

There will always be someone who will break into your world inadvertently, touch all the softness in your heart, cry for him and laugh for him, so that you know what love tastes like.

Love is a kind of extreme heartache. Tiny things will be magnified in your eyes because you really care. I'm afraid that he will cry, that he will be tired, that he will be ill, that his words and deeds will drive your emotions, and that his every move will affect your nerves. Love is falling into all your moods. Love is a person's name, and when you see it, you feel warm; Love is a person's voice. When you hear it, you feel happy; Love is a person's smile, which makes you feel moved when you think about it. Falling in love with a person without reason is a vibrato of the soul and a destination of the soul; There is no right or wrong in falling in love with a person. It is a right in life and a longing for dreams. True love, no distance, because it has always been in the heart, in the emotion, in each other's lives!

There is a kind of waiting, always in the most painful place in my heart. So many thoughts, which way should I tell them? Is a hug enough; So many concerns, what language should be used to explain, is the long wait enough. It's not easy to meet. Don't let the chance to meet again and again be missed. The eyes yearn for a smile, and the heart yearns for a request. Don't let the one who loves you be silent in waiting. A person who is willing to give you all his time is always the one who loves you the most. A good feeling is not chasing, but attracting; It is not entanglement, but random; It's not a game, but to cherish the appropriate shade, which is the tacit understanding of the soul and the poetry of the soul; Peace between far and near is the free breath and the beauty of distance. I can talk freely, or I can be silent, because my heart knows; We can get along day and night, or we can't see each other for a long time, because love is there.

The feet will remember the road they have traveled; The heart will remember those who have loved.

Love is always moving, giving without reservation and never returning; Love is always remembered by people. They try their best to be tolerant and never complain. Perhaps the world is far apart, but we are connected at a short distance; It may be a long way, but we are treating each other with our hearts. Don't ask why. Love without reason is the truest and love without words is the deepest. Because it's true love, I'm speechless; Because of my deep affection, I always accompany you. The deepest love is with time. The beginning of love is romance, the companion of love is warmth, and the deepest love is only peace of mind. People who love each other trust and depend on each other for a long time. What you hold tightly in your hand is the only warmth, and what you cling to in your heart is all your thoughts. Love only one person may be simple, but not simple; The waiting life may be dull, but it is not ordinary. Love is to have a pair of hands that will never let go and a heart that will never change.

True love is wordless and sincere exchange.

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