Many years ago, I used to like you very much

A person who doesn't understand what he wants may be sad.

I have never understood what I want, so I have been looking for it and never stopped my steps. Maybe I knew it before, but I didn't understand it and missed it.

No matter what kind of life you want to live in the past or now, you haven't thought about it carefully? I should be satisfied with the status quo, right?! In addition to the deepest uneasiness, I think I am happy and lucky.

I have always been a person who loves myself very much, because I know that if I fall in love with a person, I can no longer love myself as I do now. At that time, I will love that person with all my heart and give everything I have. Even if people betray their relatives and have nothing to do with people around the world, I am not afraid! But what I fear most is that the person I love does not know that my love is so strong. I fear that time will erase the once beautiful past, and what should I do if one day I even miss without an excuse? I was worried before I started to love, so I didn't dare to love and never loved anyone. Maybe there was once, but I didn't know it.

No one has ever told me what is love and how is love! So I don't know, I don't know how to face this kind of anxiety, so when I meet you, I'm scared. I just want to run far away, I won't be afraid!

When I am far away from all the cities that I may encounter one day, and have met many people, I will still think of you, and I find that I am really stupid! As long as you still love that person, you will miss him no matter how you go, and you will meet him one day.

Come back, time has passed so long. It took me ten years to understand that I really like you, ten years ago. But now, you and I can't be like ten years ago, can we?

Before I came back, I thought that maybe you haven't found the other half so I can save you and live happily ever after; It's not unexpected that one day you will meet a beautiful woman walking in front of me, even you may have forgotten the tomboy who ran behind you when you were 17/8 years old. I thought I was ready for it, but I still felt painful when I saw me, so I had to hide in the dark in embarrassment and hide the goodbye I had imagined thousands of times through people's comings and goings. How can a nice person like you be alone? I was too naive to think that the dusty pearls would not be found.

In addition to turning around and leaving, I can only wish him a happy life willingly. Because I was not brave enough to miss you, so sorry. At that time, you could reach it as long as you reached out, but now you can't reach it.

Seeing that the hand he is holding now is not mine, I only feel it hurts my eyes. Not brave enough to admit that love is a loser. No matter how painful it is, you can only hide in the corner of nobody and lick it slowly until you recover.

I understand that happiness is coming back. I am willing to bless you.

I have admitted the end. I have seen so many people's on and off, happy, sad and sad, but I am more sad than envious, because outsiders have nothing to laugh about.

It is not that I have never thought of looking for someone to accompany me, but I can owe everything in the world, that is, I can't owe feelings. I can't promise myself. I'm not afraid that I will let another accompany me to spend a lot of time to forget. I'm not afraid that I can't fall in love with another person, but I'm afraid that I can't forget for the rest of my life. How can it be so embarrassing? I admit that I am selfish. Cowardly. I'm just too afraid to be abandoned before I leave the world.

Now I see you again and you look very happy. I only hope you can get what you want. Someone who loves you wholeheartedly will be happy for a lifetime.

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