May I remember and see you again

Time flies. In a blink of an eye, ten days have passed, and finally it's time to separate. On this day, all the stars in the sky were very depressed, because they were about to be separated from this group of lovely and beloved students.

After the students finished their morning study, some students appeared on the road to the teaching building and in front of the dormitory where our sky star team members stayed. They are holding a notebook and a signing pen in their hands. Whenever our star studded team members appear, they will go up and greet them, and then ask us to sign their names on the notebook. Holding a pen in his hand, he signed his name on the exquisite notebook. Suddenly, he found that every stroke of his own was so difficult to write, and the more he wrote, the heavier it became. I really hope this picture doesn't appear. Looking at these lovely students, my heart is full of sadness. But there is no feast that never ends. No matter how you don't give up, you will still be separated after all.

Soon, the man Tian Xing team members had packed their bags and were ready to leave. Some students hurried to see them off. On the way, some man Tian Xing team members even left tears, hugged the students who came to see them off one by one, and then hid their faces and got on the bus. The car left, and we also left, but it can't erase the mark we left here, nor the precious memories left in our hearts. I believe we still have a good-bye day with this group of students.

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