May we shine in the time we can't see each other

Three years of high school, three days of college entrance examination, time joke is generally concentrated!

An exam and an answer sheet ended our high school life.

On the day when the exam ended, when we walked out of the school, there was an unknown emotion in our hearts. High school life ended like a long, long dream. When we left, everything came back to us. Those who have been accompanied will no longer sit neatly in the whole classroom and tap dance shoes .

Suddenly forgot what a beginning it was. Looking carefully, I found that at the other end of the time tunnel, I stood with my fuzzy figure, as well as the students I first saw, the friends I first made, and the nervous expectation at the beginning. At the beginning of all, it became a picture in memory and began the story from then on. If we put everyone's story together, the story is long enough for spring to pass through winter and our youth to grow up suddenly.

Six years ago, we met, met and knew each other in junior high school and cheap tap dance shoes . It seems that everything is arranged by fate, which makes us irresistible. When we entered school, we were still childish teenagers. We fantasize about our life in the next three years and when we can graduate, but when we really want to graduate, we feel sad because of parting. Over the past three years, we have made many friends and faded the youth. Three years passed quickly. He left us before we could hold him tight. I thought we would be separated from each other after the high school entrance examination, but fate seems to care for us very much. After entering high school, I found that the three of us are still in the same class. I think the three of us should be the luckiest in our small group!

Our high school life is ordinary and light. Like many high school students, we are also fighting hard for the college entrance examination, because we all have our own dreams and are working hard for him. At that time, we always complained about all kinds of bad things in the school and too much homework. But we don't know until we really graduate. In fact, we don't hate school and cheap tap shoes. The people we care about basically know in school, and the feeling of moving is also realized in school. The happiest days are also spent in school. We love school very much. What we hate is that those youth times that should pursue what we love are buried in order to cope with an exam that requires three years of effort.

After the college entrance examination, you said: think more and think more. We can have another four years, so we will be classmates for ten years! Why don't I want another four years. But that seems unlikely. You also said, "we should all be good in the future. I'm the only girl among the three of us. You should take care of me and don't bully me.". We were silent, and you didn't say anything, but we all knew that we all reserved a special position for each other in our hearts, which no one could replace.

The admission notice came down. This time, our fate seems not to care us so much. We were admitted by different schools. Fortunately, we all chose schools in the province. After the University opened, we all went to a strange environment and began a new life. We are in different schools and cities, watching different lights wane and different people come and go, but there are no people around us who have accompanied us to laugh.

Last week, Huang came to my school to see me. I asked you to come with him. You said you couldn't come without time. I didn't say anything, because I knew we all had a new life and new friends had their own things. I reluctantly couldn't come. It's just that I'm still disappointed. But the naughty you gave me a surprise. Huang helped you hide it from me and you came to my school together. I just need to give you a lot of time to say what you don't want to say. I just need to give you a lot of words. I don't need to be happy when I see you. I just need to give you a lot of words in my heart and tap shoes !

That weekend was the happiest two days for me to come to this city. The five of us got together in a place far away from home, which made me feel warm in this city for the first time. We eat and play together, as if we were back in junior high school. Nothing has changed. But the good time is always short. The two-day gathering soon ended. On the afternoon when you left, we went to have a meal together. You both said you weren't hungry and didn't want to eat. In fact, I wasn't hungry either. I just thought we could sit together for a meal, because I didn't know when we would sit together for dinner next time. Parting is always unexpected. You are going to leave after all. I originally planned to take you to the station, but I still didn't have the courage to go in the end, because parting is always sad. Instead of letting me see you leave, we might as well turn around and leave!

Along the way, thank you for your company. Although we are not in the same school now, our contact is becoming less and less. But I believe the friendship between us will not be weakened by distance, but will be stronger and lasting, because distance makes us more concerned and miss each other, and more blessings and expectations and tap dance shoes.

A new life will always begin, and some roads will always go alone. May we shine in the days when we can't see each other!

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