May you be in full bloom in the next ten days

Ten days ago, I didn't know you. You are not my student;

Ten days later, we were friends and lived in each other's hearts.

Qiu Yan, a sensible Qiu Yan.

I always think that we can see a person's character from his handwriting. However, when I saw the words on the letter written by Qiu Yan to me, I was very surprised. This handwriting is beyond the maturity and understanding of a sixth grade student.

It seems that I can see myself from her. Qiu Yan is a quiet, quiet and lovely girl. "Teacher, your name is Yanchun. Were you born in spring? I was born in autumn, so I'm called Qiuyan. But I don't like this name. I want to change my name to Chunyan, because there are no swallows in autumn." The letter to me is also very powerful. She said, talking to you, chatting with you, and playing with you, I think you are the happiest and happiest teacher, because we children accompany you.

Where does the self-confidence say that I am happy and I am happy because of the company of you children?!

However, it is also true that Qiu Yan is right. It is really because of your presence that you have contracted me countless happiness in these ten days. You are really the teacher's little angel.

Dong Yi's letter describes the ten days of meeting, knowing each other and loving each other perfectly.

"These ten days are really fast. They come and go in a hurry, but these ten days have become the most profound memory in my mind. However, there can be many ten days in life, so this ten days have passed, and the next ten days will come. If we do not do well in this ten days, we must do well in the next ten days; if we do well in this ten days, we must do better in the next ten days."

Say goodbye when finished. May every ten days in our life be as bright as summer flowers.

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