Passionate lotus, singing youth. On this starry night, the gala of our three trips to the countryside officially opened. Thank God for letting me know you. In this beautiful season, this beautiful encounter.

In the evening, I was in the mood of going to have a look at the layout of the venue of the gala, but I inadvertently met you. You are the performer of Yueyang Tower in the third grade of junior high school, a childish teenager, and a innocent flower. When I see you reciting enthusiastically on the stage, it's like seeing your original self, which is immediately full of passion and vitality. When I saw that there were no accidents in the previous programs, and when it was your turn, there was a little problem with the microphone, I had to worry downstairs, afraid that you would be nervous because of this sudden accident. Because I was afraid that you would be nervous and uneasy, after your performance, I ran to you foolishly and asked you: \ "were you nervous just now? \" when I heard you say: \ "not nervous, I recited this poem many times \"

I still remember when I first saw you, your childish face was wearing a carefree smile, and your conversation was carefree. Seeing this, you seemed to see yourself at the beginning. Tonight, because I met you, there is an indescribable excitement in my heart. Tonight, because I met you, I became a little different. Thank God for letting me meet you at this beautiful moment.

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