Meeting you is my biggest surprise

Soon came the last day of going to the countryside, all kinds of memories flooded into my heart.

I remember one day, as usual, I took my camera out for external photography. Two beautiful girls took a large balloon and said to me with a bright smile on their faces, "teacher, here you are!" What kind of feeling is that? It's like eating a piece of expensive coffee candy, or finding a dazzling treasure in the antique market, or reading a good book that you can't put down. I treasured the balloon and put it in my schoolbag to take care of it.

On the last day, the art show also came to the day of acceptance. This is a performance jointly completed by our "big friends" and children, so it is of great significance and we cherish it more. The most impressive is a kindergarten child, who sings the song we gave him. The song is a four minute pop song, but it can sing it all word for word. Its loud song, devoted expression, immature incisors, and tight arms all moved me. Hearing all the fourth grade students sing Zhang Jie's "looking up at the starry sky" loudly, I suddenly feel awe for them. When I hear the chorus, I can't help shivering all over my body. How can such a neat, serious and crisp song not make people happy?

There are treasures written in colored chalk on the blackboard, the tears in the corners of the children's eyes have not been dried, the seesaw on the playground is still waiting for its next owner, the jackfruit on the tree is still emitting attractive sweetness, the signal light of the router in the office is still flashing, the fan in the classroom is still blowing, we are still playing tricks on each other in the group photo, and the children's songs are still ringing in our ears, Listen to the gentle wind all summer long. However, we have packed our bags and set foot on the return bus. Everything has become a beautiful memory.

Ten days ago, you didn't know me and I didn't know you. Ten days later, you became my concern and I became your memory. Meeting you is the biggest surprise of my life. I often think of you.

The wonderful ten days ended here.

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