As for friendship, do you pay more and more attention to it as you grow older, or do you become weaker as you grow older? Friendship is like air. When it is high-quality, it is unknowable, but when it is thin, it is uncomfortable and unable to adapt. If it is really transformed from quantitative change to qualitative change, time can't go back to the beginning.

When I was a child, a rubber band can jump for a summer, a leaf can whistle when I was a child, and a small stone on the side of the road can kick home laughing and talking. When she was a child, she could "relieve fatigue" with gobang. When she was a child, the fish and shrimp in the rice field were another summer

There are no boundaries between boys and girls in childhood. Every summer, grandpa takes me and my little partner to play mulberry dates on the mulberry tree in front of his door. Grandpa beat me on the top and my little partner took a bowl below. Then, we didn't dislike the greedy ghosts who fell underground. After beating, we washed them all with clean water. Grandpa said that he couldn't eat too much mulberry jujube. When it was time to eat, he forgot and kept making grandpa fight. Several times, I had stomachache after eating too much mulberry jujube, so I had to endure it silently for fear of being criticized by my mother. If I'm greedy, I don't care about anything. After eating the color of my tongue, my clothes and shoes are full of mulberry jujube juice. After my mother found out, Grandpa would be involved. Several children stood under my mulberry tree to listen to my mother's scolding, and grandpa stood on the other side. Sometimes when my mother is in a hurry, she tells the leading grandpa again. We don't talk at this time. We were silent, and my mother reluctantly accepted it.

Turnips in other people's gardens are sweeter than their own. Meet in groups. A group of friends always love to steal the radish from the absent family. If you are brave, just eat and chew some on the road. The timid one pulled it out and ran away. I am the timid and absent. So my garden is often inexplicably bald. Sometimes they come to my garden to steal food. I'll cover for them. Often at this time, I become a hero in their hearts.

Other people's meals are better than their own. There are often children in the village who come to the rice point and start visiting with a bowl. I am born weak, so good things often miss me. They often take chicken legs and drop duck meat when they run fast. Naughty children are always climbing trees. Other children's clothes are always worn longer than us. We often tear our pants when we "steal", and we laugh the loudest. Although I was weak, I followed them. I am very happy that I am often the protected object.

At that time, my grades were often at the bottom, and the girl who came second from bottom also kept her own record. I come first and she comes second. So she just laughed at me. Just because she laughed at me, everyone echoed. No one laughed at her. They only laughed at me. I don't think it's fair. My biggest goal in the whole primary school was to surpass her until she dropped out of school. She was the first to let my father know the score when she failed in the exam. As long as the math test paper was handed out, she hurried home and didn't wait for me. At first I didn't know the reason. I thought she was shy. Then I got beaten several times. Clearly promised not to sue. In order to revenge, I secretly sued her in the end.

The memory of friendship as a child is still the best, purest and purest. No sundries.

When I was a child, a sugar was friendship, like the rising sun in winter. It looked warm and scarce, because a sugar circled a love. The TV series "biography of MI Yue" when Mi Yue was a child, she met her princess because "it's not polite to come but not to go". In return, they became good friends in childhood. It's so simple. As for the soldiers meeting and killing each other later, it's the fish and bear's paw of desire and love. You can't have both.

Once my roommate complained to me that the reason why she quarreled with her friends was that they didn't understand and understand. It's not a quarrel. Sometimes the trivial disputes and quarrels between women are light. It's heavy. If you care about it, you'll turn your face and don't admit it.

Time is an hourglass. You are all in it. Those screened out can't come in. Those screened out are grouped together again. Fortunately, there are still some people here. These people are your current friendship value and your current friends. In the warm sun, one person holds a cup of coffee and talks about the past and the future. She imagines your future husband. Maybe one day they will leave, maybe it's not the same group of people who accompany you from the beginning to the end. I'm not the one who stole your radish when I was a child, nor the one who sued you after the exam. They have changed, but the friendship never sleeps, never leaves, never changes.

When you grow up, you have more worries. You won't complain to her because you failed the exam. In order to revenge her, you keep thinking in your heart when you go to bed at night, hoping that she will fail the exam next time, and then you will have a chance to revenge. When you grow up, quarrel is no longer a table and draw a "38" line. You ignore me and I don't look at you. Then I'll be fine by myself in the afternoon. I don't remember who took care of who first.

No matter how many people have changed, friendship is still so warm. Not deliberately, but never far away.

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