Memoirs of supporting education

July this year has a different flavor. July this year is the most brilliant. Today is the 13th. We are about to leave for school. We can't help thinking about these days on the bus.

This is the first time I participated in the social practice activity of "going to the countryside for three times". Although it was only eight days, in these eight days, 49 people of our social practice team of "man Tian Xing" twisted into a line, working together, eating together, advancing and retreating together, sharing hardships and hardships. We tasted all the bitterness, but we also gained a lot and benefited a lot.

Some people say that college students are a piece of white paper, and they need to find a proper place to show themselves. And I'm very lucky. In the short eight days, I found my proper position - teacher. In the activity of "three trips to the countryside", I stood on the three feet platform for the first time as a teacher. When I stand on it, I suddenly understand that this is my stage. Therefore, I try my best to teach students knowledge. By combining mathematics with interest, I try to teach students knowledge and guide them to learn actively,

But "three minutes on the stage, ten years off the stage", I suddenly found that I had not done a good job in preparing lessons, and the content of preparing lessons was somewhat out of line with the students' knowledge level. But I was not discouraged. I actively communicated with the students after class and made corresponding adjustments in the next class. At the same time, the students' enthusiasm is high, the class is very active, and the classroom atmosphere is active. What moved me most was that the students respected the teachers very much, and students kept saying hello to me when walking on the campus. Having been a student for more than ten years, today I finally realize that it is not easy to be a teacher. I cherish this practice opportunity, and at the same time, I will seize the opportunity to continuously exercise my ability and accumulate experience in the future.

At the same time, I am also a member of the research team. In the news group, I have constantly improved my ability to learn and write through continuous writing, and also increased my knowledge and accumulated many valuable experiences. In these short eight days, our research team was very awesome, and published about 300 student questionnaires and 100 parent questionnaires in total, with fruitful results.

Although the three rural trips have ended, our social practice team will continue to keep close contact with the students through letters and other means, and try our best to help the children in need. Through this activity, I understand that only by serving the people can knowledge demonstrate its achievements, and only by serving the society can college students realize their life value. Young people should bravely go out of the campus and serve the society. In short, the three rural practice activities are both substantial and meaningful!

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