Memory blossoms, lights fade

Thousands of fireworks rushed into the sky and dyed half the sky red. Although it is shorter than a flash in the pan, the shattered fireworks burst into a few seconds of solemn and stirring, gorgeous and colorful bright life, embellishing the dim night view of Linghu Lake. She said that the fireworks that twinkled and extinguished in an instant were like our dreams, constantly blossoming, constantly dying and constantly blooming. He said that although the life of fireworks is short, the whole fireworks will die together, which is more like our love, holding the hand of a son, never leaving, and growing old together. In this way, she was moved. In fact, she is a very careless woman, on the contrary, he is a very careful man; She is a woman who easily falls into her own mood and gets into the corner of a cow. He is a man who knows the general and takes care of people around him; She is a woman who doesn't know anything about life and often makes troubles. He is a man who will guide her carefully and solve her problems. She has been whispering to herself beside him, saying that he is her noble, and thanking him for always giving her sunflower like warmth when she is confused, so that she can continue to run towards the light. I still remember that in Moshe Manor, she was like the traveler wading through the water. She lifted her trouser legs, gently stepped on the bluestone street, touched the beauty chair, and imagined the man she loved. It turned out that God had his own arrangements in the dark. At that time, the man she imagined had been beside her. I still remember that they foolishly carried their travel bags through the day's journey and saw the day's scenery. Fortunately, the weather on that day was neither stormy nor scorching. It was sunny and warm. Tired, Shuang Shuang leaned on the roadside and looked at the busy street. The crowd was so crowded that it slowly became desolate. Watching the sunrise rising slowly to the red half of the sky, it was like life. They walked the whole journey hand in hand. [Falling in love with a person, falling in love with a city] He graduated and came to the city where she had lived since she was a child. He told her that because love is not possession, it should not be selfish, but more respect and pay. She thought that he must have considered it from her point of view for a long time before he was willing to abandon the city he grew up in and come to this strange place alone. She asked: Why do you want to work in my hometown? He said: If I go back to my hometown, will you follow me without hesitation? meeting! She nodded firmly, I knew you would do this, so I came before you. He gently touched her face and said. In this way, she was moved. In his body, she learned to love and be loved, and learned to give and think in terms of position. From the angle of his eyebrows, she could deeply feel the employment pressure faced by fresh graduates, so she accompanied him to find a temporary house and a job to be engaged in in the future. She hoped that she could smooth the creases on his eyebrows, and that he would be happy and healthy all his life. Don't expect too much wealth or too high status. As long as they love each other all the time, life will be enough. In just a few days, they suffered a lot. Facing the external pressure, the two people are like an atomic bomb. If they are a little careless, they will never meet again. This chess game is a bit dangerous. Fortunately, his excellence is valued by many companies. Fortunately, he has found a single apartment to live alone. Fortunately, she can see that his parents' attitude towards him has changed from their initial opposition to their gradual acceptance to their current acquiescence. He said that the happiest thing for two people to love is to be recognized by their parents, which is the perfect beginning; He said please believe that your husband has enough ambition, ability and courage to give his wife a warm nest; He said that we are still young. In the coming decades, no matter what the ups and downs, please believe that your husband will always be there for your wife. [Love is not a vigorous oath, but a gentle company] She is lazy. She always thinks so. He often said with a smile that he was old enough to eat at her house. Slowly, the population of her family naturally changed from four to five. One day, his mother used to cook meals for five before suddenly finding that he was not there that day. At that time, she suddenly smiled, laughing tears. She knew how much her parents loved her daughter. Her mother often said that she would not take a car, and you should not marry too far away. But when she really went far for love, her mother would still choose to let her daughter pursue happiness. They will go to the vegetable market together to select fresh vegetables and crucian carp. They obviously went to a far place to buy a pile of fruits, but when they came back, they told their mother that they had brought them back just by the way. She wore an apron and cooked vegetables at home like her mother, but she often forgot to put salt or acted too slowly. He often rolled up his sleeves and walked around the kitchen, beating his hands and frying some small dishes. Seeing the frostbite on her index finger that began to rise, he often looked distressed, so he took care of all the dishes. Often, all the dishes he cooked were swept away, and the dishes she cooked were almost ignored. Watching him get along so well with her family, she seemed to see the future. If you have more people at home, you may have more happiness. His smile often reminds her of the sunshine. She knows how many psychological struggles his parents faced when they accepted him. She knows how much courage he mustered to come to his home to meet her family, because when she saw such a big man, she blushed to the ears. She even knew how lucky she was. Such happiness was hard won. [There is no shortcut to happiness, only management, holding hands and working together] Time scours the memory of fleeting years. Marriage is different from love. As long as two people like each other, they can become love. Marriage is a combination of two different life backgrounds and two big families. Such a combination will inevitably lead to this or that problem. This is not simply determined by the common interests and language of both sides. She believes in their future. She believes that the happiness of marriage depends on their joint operation. She believes that they will work together to create a beautiful future. She remembered that one day, out of curiosity, she dragged him to tell fortune at Longxing Temple on the Great Wall. She remembered that the fortune teller said that she had three gold coins in her life, that she had noble people to help her, and that only by working hard, she would have no worries about food and clothing, a happy marriage, and a long and healthy career. He smiled and hoped to borrow the fortune teller's good words. She took a look at him and murmured to herself that the noble person in life would thank you for your willingness to accompany him for life. A woman doesn't need to conquer the country, as long as there is a man who is willing to devote his life to her. As for the future, he said, please give him time. He will work hard and strive hard. She said that she will try to make herself as good as him. Please wait for her graduation.

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