Memory in dancing shoes

Memory in dancing shoes

I stand alone in front of my window, the moonlight outside quietly poured into the small tree in front of my window. I looked quietly, I turned around and turned around. I saw the three pairs of dancing shoes behind me still at the bottom of my bed, and they stopped in my memory.

I remember clearly that white dance shoes were bought by my mother when I was three years old. When she gave them to me, she quietly said to me, "you are also slowly starting to grow up. This pair of dancing shoes is the gift for you to grow up." I still remember what my mother said to me. I was walking slowly. I looked at the white dancing shoes under my feet. I thought naively that I could save my first pair of dancing shoes. I was still small, but I like the white appearance of those shoes. I like the white sky. It is so flawless as the sky. I like it. I like it as the sky is so flawless. I like it Quietly wearing it, walking gently behind me, leaving behind me some white footprints, I am happy to continue to go forward.

Although the white dance shoes are very white, they are easy to get dirty after all. I gradually abandon the white dancing shoes that have been with me for many years. I like the blue dance shoes. This is a jazz dance shoes. I wear them quietly alone. It has the deep blue like the sea. I like it to make me have the sea like bosom Although it is not white as white dancing shoes, it has another beauty. Since I started to go to junior high school, I have been fond of its light sadness. I will meet some unhappy things. I will go back to my white dancing shoes alone. I will find my original innocence, but I always look for one person for it After no fruit, I gradually understood that I can only silently accept the sadness I brought to myself by my growth. Although I have not the naive before, it makes me grow up slowly. This time, I still choose to, I bravely wear my blue dancing shoes. Although this time, I am a little bit painful, but I still go down very hard, Maybe, life is like this, I am very hard behind my left a few heavy footprints, I look at myself, while walking.

My dancing shoes are broken again. I have to give up my own blue shoes. This time I chose a pair of black step shoes. I clearly saw a long series of footprints behind me. I knew I should choose a pair of black tap dance shoes. Although it had no innocence of white dancing shoes, I also lost the one of those blue dancing shoes Light sorrow, but I never regret that I chose this pair of black tap dancing shoes. I understand that I have also begun to grow up slowly. I can't refuse to let myself grow up. Then why should I make myself have such a hard time, I understand that I choose myself to be responsible. In this only black tap dance shoes, I know White own life, I firmly forward, leaving a long footprint on the road.

I understand how my journey is, and I understand that this is my choice. I can go on well.

I saw the bright moon in front of my window. The three different pairs of dancing shoes were shining in my own memory. They were shining with beautiful light alone. I deeply engraved them in my heart.

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