Mom's gift-My favorite tap dance shoes

My favorite tap dance shoes


I have a pair of tap dance shoes, which is my favorite item, because it was sent back by my mother from other places on my eighth birthday. This is my favorite item - tap dance shoes.

Every time I dance, I wear my mother's tap dance shoes to perform on the stage. Every time I can get a high score! In addition, I like the gift from my mother. As long as it is bought by my mother, no matter how ugly it is, I also like it, because it represents a kind of meaning. I know that my mother's life outside is not good, work is also very hard, I hardly ask her for things. Mother works in other places all year round and seldom comes back.

But every time I see tap dance shoes, I feel at ease. As long as my mother sent it back, I will cherish it. I secretly determined that I must study hard. Even if I can't repay it now, I will repay my parents when I grow up. Now studying hard is also the way to repay my parents. The first time I called my mother, I vowed to study hard. I like to protect my younger brother and sister to protect this skateboard from any "injury". Every time I play for my younger brother and sister, I also remind them to be careful.

Although my mother is out of town all the year round, we don't see each other several times a year, but every time I see the dance shoes, I feel very warm, and my heart is like a little sun. Because it is not only a pair of tap dance shoes, but also witnessed my mother's infinite love for me.


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