Mr. Lu does, but you are not Miss Lu


On a rainy day, I hid in a cafe on the roadside and unexpectedly met Xiao ran. I haven't seen her for many years. She is still single and her temperament has not changed at all. She is picky about the coffee maker's drawing and dislikes the waiter's non-standard Mandarin.

Xiao Ran has just celebrated his 30th birthday and has never been in love. There are men around who are nice to her, and she never looks down upon them. I asked her why. She said that her love and youth were so much. Her life was too short. She would wait until her Mr. Lu appeared.

"Mr. Lu? Is it your first love?"

Xiao ran shook his head and told me that Mr. Lu was the kind of man who would spoil you as his daughter.

Even if he is jealous and says that you have a relationship with so and so, he won't be bothered by you. He will only hug you and gently say in your ear that I love you and only love you;

When you come to your aunt, even in summer, you will say to the waitress like a fool, "please change it to hot, my girlfriend is not comfortable.";

Because of your unreasonable request, I will run all over the city just to make you laugh;

No matter how beautiful a girl is, he will refuse because of you; Occasionally show affection, even if outsiders make fun of me, I don't mind;

When angry, they will hug you from behind and touch your head. They will never dislike you for being fat.

Seriously, looking at her longingly saying this, I can't help laughing. Xiaoran's crow's feet are so obvious in the corners of her eyes, and her clothes, shoes and bags are quite awkward. She is 30 years old and still reading these brainwashing articles. I really can't understand her inner world.

There are not a few girls like Xiao ran, blinded by this so-called love, who create an illusory perfect man for themselves, thinking that all men should follow this model.


Most girls love those stories in Disney. Of course, the most popular story is always the story of ordinary Cinderella meeting the prince. Some people love Barbie because Barbie has everything.

Of course, we know that Cinderella's probability of meeting the prince is almost zero, but this does not prevent us from dreaming. Who doesn't want to meet his prince charming? Just like Mr. Lu, he gives us love and holds us in the palm of his hand. But in fact? In the end, we can only find our own dwarves, hunters, or businessmen, and some people find their stepmothers.

You always think that your boyfriend is not rich, sweet and gentle. You always compare him with others. Have you considered his feelings?

Everyone expresses love in different ways. If every man strictly implements the way of being nice to his girlfriend according to a set of militarized standards, are they robots?

You only see that he has no money, but you can't see his consideration; You only complain that his mouth is too stupid, but you ignore his intentions for you; You blame him for not being gentle enough, but you erase all his merits.

If you continue to be greedy, he will be very kind to you. You will want 100 points, and there is no end. Expectations are too high and disappointment is inevitable. You hope that all the focuses of his life are around you, but if he puts his heart on you every minute, and there is nothing but you, don't you think it's terrible? With this morbid psychology, once he loses you, it is unknown whether he will do anything crazy.

There are some articles that look like a show. You can read them as soon as you read them. The girl you love is really stupid. The world we live in is very realistic, so you should also recognize the reality. Your boyfriend may not be so careful, but his love for you can't be given by others.


You want him to be obedient to you. OK, Mr. Lu appears.

He dotes on you and makes you look down on other men in your eyes and heart. You let him pick the stars and hold the moon for you, let him go to heaven and earth for you, and let him give up himself. From now on, there can only be you in the world. You feel like a arrogant queen. Wave your hand and someone will charge for you.

But what? One day, Mr. Lu left. Yes, you lost him.

After he left, you found that without him, your sky would collapse. Many boys you meet are inferior to him. You don't know how to live after you leave him. This feeling is even more painful and repentant.

You may start to doubt life, or recognize the reality and lower your requirements. However, no matter which option you choose, your Mr. Lu has already left you and can't come back.


Some people will say that there is no Mr. Lu, and it is all you girls who are flirting. And in fact? In this world, there are people like Mr. Lu.

Their families are harmonious and their parents are affectionate. They grew up in a loving family. Surrounded by happiness, they naturally know more about how to love.

However, around them, there will be their Miss Lu, a good girl who is also loving, considerate and never abandons.

Love and marriage are both very realistic. The two people who finally come together must have equal strength. The girls who can be treated so gently by Mr. Lu must have their own advantages in life and feelings, which can not be replaced by others.

You only see that Mr. Lu dotes on her, but you don't know that she and Mr. Lu are in the same boat. She will wash his smelly socks after playing football, make good food and iron his clothes, and solve all his worries at home. In the hall and in the kitchen, he knows all kinds of life and has a tough and soft heart.

As for you, if you can only take selfies to bask in loneliness, hurt spring and autumn in rainy days, and look like a middle-aged woman, you don't seem to have any connotation. I advise you to stop dreaming and wake up as soon as possible.

You take Mr. Lu as the standard to be more critical of your suitors. You always ask your boyfriend to be like Mr. Lu. The result will only make you complain more.

Do you look like Lin Zhiling or Karen Mok? Why do you think Mr. Lu likes you? Girls can dream, but please weigh before dreaming. When you are unwilling to give anything, you still want a perfect boyfriend. How can there be such a good thing in the world?

Instead of blaming him for not spoiling you, it's better to improve your self-cultivation and make yourself better. Don't wait until all the people in front of you have gone, and still sigh that there is no good man in the world. If you do this, Mr. Lu will walk around you when he sees it.

Boys are not blind. In the final analysis, what kind of person you are and what kind of Mr. Lu you meet.

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