My beautiful room has beautiful wardrobe and beautiful shoe cabinet

My beautiful room has beautiful wardrobe and beautiful shoe cabinet

I went into my room, with beautiful wardrobe and beautiful shoe cabinet. My room was very beautiful. At one glance, I saw a lovely and lovely nine color deer on the wall. It was stretching its neck and eating the leaves on the tree with interest. This is a picture my mother has put together with different color card paper and I like it very much. On the left side of the wall is a picture bar, which has a very beautiful small house. In the blue sky, white clouds are floating. On the green grass, a lovely puppy is chasing beautiful flowers and butterflies happily. There are beautiful wardrobe and shoe cabinet in the bed. The wardrobe is full of beautiful dance clothes, step dance clothes, jazz dance clothes, party dresses There are also various kinds of performance clothes. There are my favorite cheap tap dance shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, cheap jazz shoes, cheap ballets dance shoes and 340 pairs of cheap dancing shoes. This is what I have bought for myself in recent years!

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But my favorite is that lovely "piggy" which can not call or move, very obedient, because it is ceramic. It has a round and large head melon, and a yellow cap on its head, two large ears hanging on the left and right sides. It always keeps its eyes closed, as if it can not sleep. It is red in white, and there is a flat big nose on his fat face, and a big mouth with red and long. It always looks angry and looks like I don't throw coins in it. Whenever I throw my mother's pocket money and throw it inside, it will make a tinkling sound, like "piggy" singing.
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Other walls are hung with pictures of my different ages. This is my room, my wardrobe and shoe cabinet. Would you like it?

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