My classmates - Piano Princess and dance Wizard

  My classmates - Piano Princess and dance Wizard


In a gorgeous sunset, there is a delicate girl skillfully playing music, beautiful notes rotating, jumping from her fingertips. She has a soft long hair, wearing a lovely black and white plaid skirt, pedaling a pair of small shoes, playing gracefully. Who is she? It's Eileen, the piano princess in our class.

Eileen is a girl with extraordinary temperament. She not only has excellent grades, but also is versatile. She is the best at playing the piano. Like a beautiful and elegant white swan, she roams in the lake of music. Now, through her efforts, she has passed piano band 10 and can play more than 300 pieces of music! How amazing! At the same time, she can dance all kinds of dances. She is a dance spirit: proficient in tap dance, jazz dance, Cha Cha dance, ballroom dance and so on. I especially like her to dance a tap dance in tap dance shoes!

Her achievements come from her persistence and hard work. Since she was 5 years old, Irene has made an indissoluble bond with the piano. She practices every day and even talks in her sleep. When she was a child, she pulled her fingers because her fingers were not long enough, which made her heart ache. When she took the piano test of Grade 10, her wrist grew a hard and big abscess because she practiced every day. When she was criticized by the teacher because she couldn't remember the notes, she also endured

The fragrance of plum blossom comes from the bitter cold, and BaoJianFeng comes from the sharpening. She gains glory and success. Irene's favorite music is the clown, and I had the honor to listen to it once. She played skillfully, and the joyful music immediately surrounded us. The music is wonderful, sometimes jumping, sometimes soothing, sometimes cheerful Her fingers jump lightly between the keys, like a clown jumping and jumping happily on stage to perform; her fingers play quickly, like the laughter made by the clown; her fingers slide slowly over the keys, like a clown performing magic The magic notes pour out like flowing water; the black and white keys no longer seem monotonous, just like countless colors come out at once, such as joyful red, dazzling yellow, pleasant green, elegant blue, light purple, gorgeous black, pure white Everything seems to have infinite color, everything in her hands, dancing a graceful dance.

Now, the "Princess" thinks that she has only taken a small step on the road of music. She wants to take a big step on the road of music and become a pianist with her hard work and sweat! At the same time, she has become an excellent dancer! Every time I wear cheap dancing shoes and dance gracefully, it fascinates me! I gave her a pair of cheap jazz dance shoes, a pair of cheap ballet dance shoes and a pair of cheap ballroom dance shoes. She would put on the cheap dance shoes I gave her every time and dance for me!

Eileen, piano princess, dance wizard, a swan dancing in the music lake, flying to the dream! I also want to fly to my writing dream!

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