My dance career

My dance career

Time flies. In a flash, I have been learning dance for six years, and I have studied tap dancing, ballet dance, jazz dance, modern dance and tango dance. I like dancing. In the world of dance, I have dreams, passion, and I once wanted to give up, but I finally insisted.
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In kindergarten, I stepped on the first dance stage of dance. On weekends, I followed the dance teacher to learn every dance action: leg pressing, waist down, rotation, front bridge, rear bridge Although sometimes I have back pain, but I am happy to bite my teeth and pass. At that time, I dreamed of dancing like Princess ye Luoli, dreaming of having a beautiful dance posture. Wear cheap tap dance shoes to dance beautifully on the dance floor, and also want to wear cheap ballroom dance shoes to show personal style at the dance, prefer wearing cheap ballet dance shoes and a beautiful swan dance!
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After entering primary school, every night after finishing homework, my mother accompanied me to practice every action I learned repeatedly. My dream of dancing is accompanied by my mother's love. Every time I successfully complete a skill movement, I am happy, my mother is happier. With our efforts, my dance skills have been greatly improved. Those soft training, front bridge and back bridge are for me: Zhang Fei eats bean sprouts - a dish of vegetables.
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Later, because of the increase of school class, I have less time to practice dancing, and with my physical development, I almost cry every time I press my legs. I began to get tired of, escape training, dance dream played a retreat drum, several times crying to tell my mother that I did not learn. Instead of blaming me, my mother said to me with great care: "persistence is the beginning of success, success is the most important thing to insist on", and tells me the story of Susa, a famous Indian dance artist. Susa, who lost her right leg, endured severe pain and never gave up to dream dancing Yes! No rain, no rainbow!

I got back to practice. I and my partners have participated in dance competitions many times, and I have been rewarded with great achievements. I have gained from my efforts and persistence. Because of years of practice, now I have obtained the certificate of Chinese Dance Level 7. Every time in the physical education examination, many tests are in the top! Reading and learning are the same as practicing dance. If we keep working hard, we will succeed.

I like dancing, it brings a lot of joy to my after-school life! At the same time, let me understand the principle that success is the most important thing to insist on! I will continue to adhere to my dance dream, in the future I will certainly thank myself for my efforts now! Now, my ballet has reached the professional level of dance. The tap dance can easily wear cheap tap dancing shoes to get the applause of the audience. At the dance, wearing cheap ballroom dance shoes can get the focus of the dance. I love dance and the pursuit on the dance road!



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