My dance shoes

My dance shoes

As like as two peas, brothers and brothers, they are not separated from their families, and they are hungry and hungry. Do  you know what it is? Yes, dance shoes.

The color of my dance shoes is golden yellow. It looks like gold on the floor. It's made of cow leather. It's very soft and smooth to the touch. There is a bow on the upper of the dance shoe, which looks like a butterfly dancing on the shoe. Take another look at the dance sole. There are different fine stripes and various patterns on it. Why do you want to carve patterns? It's for antiskid. These dance shoemakers are so sweet!

My dance shoes not only look good, but also can sing! When I step on my shoes gently, it makes a "click" sound, just like the teacher's voice of writing with chalk, and it seems to hear a fish spitting bubbles. When I step on my dancing shoes, I will make a "Dong Dong Dong Dong" sound, like thousands of troops galloping in the grassland, and like my mother roaring in the river. When stepping with the rhythm of music, it's like hearing the sound of students running. Hehe, do you think my dancing shoes are wonderful?

My dance shoes are my close friends! Since my mother picked this pair of golden dance shoes in the mall and bought them back home, I can't help but love them. No matter where I go to dance, they always accompany me.

Thank you, my beloved dance shoes, for the wonderful journey I've taken, the three years of wind and rain I've gone through. You are a trustworthy and worthy partner, and accompany me to show my style on the stage!

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