My dance teacher

My dance teacher

She is my dance teacher. She is not very good-looking: her light eyebrows seem to be wearing tired eyes forever, some collapsed nose and a plain mouth. But her thin figure makes her look very tall, and her temperament is elegant and kind. She smiles like spring breeze. She is my dance teacher.

Dancing, basic skills are essential, but also the most painful, most annoying. My talent in dance is almost zero, and I feel miserable every time I press my legs. The dance teacher never forced me down, she said: "it's easy to get hurt. When I was a child, the teacher would tie my legs to the chair. It's really useful, but it's too hard."

We have classes every Friday and Saturday, three hours a class. So on Friday afternoon, I have to rush to class as soon as I finish school. I can only eat dinner in the car. Class is over. It's almost 10 o'clock when I get home. On the sixth day of every week, I live like this, and I never feel wrong. Until one Friday, more than half an hour after class, the teacher suddenly stopped playing games with us. She explained: "every Friday I can see the children in the yard playing so happily, but it hurts me that you have to have classes here." At the end of the speech, I can't help but feel sour in my nose and wet in my eyes. This kind of feeling is so warm!

The game is also very simple: the teacher plays music, and we improvise to dance with the music. It's a game of liberating nature. At the beginning, I couldn't let go. I was always hiding in the corner. Later, the atmosphere ignited, and I could not help but join you. I was sweating so much that I was really happy! Every two weeks, the teacher will play this game with us. Also can say is this game, let originally introverted I gradually open up.

In fact, my dance teacher is not only a dance teacher, but also teaches us a lot of etiquette in dealing with people - hand things to elders; don't yawn at others; bend down and run quickly when you are going to pass a person who is talking What she taught me is more important than simple dance.

Thank you, my dance teacher; thank you, my teacher.

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