My dance teacher

My dance teacher

Fei is my dance teacher. She is a beautiful, careful and strict dance teacher.

Mr. Fei is very slim, often wearing a black dress, a pair of big eyes, a tall nose, a long black hair like a waterfall, a very talkative mouth, red face like two round red apples, smile is brilliant, old teacher Fei is really beautiful!

Fei is very careful and caring for us. I remember that when we were in dance class, Mr. Fei gave us a guide and let us start warm-up activities. Then,dance  teacher Fei began to tell us the key points of action. At this time, bei said to Mr. Fei with tears: "teacher Fei, I am a little uncomfortable." "I feel a little upset in my stomach, and I want to rest," said Fei Yu Shifei gently knead bei, helped her sit down, put on her coat, poured her a cup of warm boiled water, watched her drink some water, let her rest, and teacher Fei continued to give us class, and constantly observed Bei. After a while, bei felt more comfortable, she ran to dance class happily, the teacher asked, "can you hold on?" Bei nodded with a smile, but not long after, Fei found bei pale, and quickly helped her to rest. As a result, before Xiao Bei came to the stool, she vomited and spit it on teacher Fei's beautiful clothes. Teacher Fei didn't care about her clothes dirty. She patted her back gently, fed her with water and drank it. Then she immediately gave her mother Bei After calling, mom Bei came, the teacher told her the specific situation, and asked her to take Bei to see the doctor. Then, Mr. Fei began to clean the dirt on the ground, cleaned the ground, cleaned her clothes, continued to give us class. After dance class, teacher Fei called Xiaobei to understand the situation, and knew that Bei had no problems before going home safely.

Teacher Fei taught us tap dancing, jazz dance, Latin dance, modern dance, etc., and also provided me with dance clothing, dance shoes, such as jazz dance shoes, tap dancing shoes, ballroom dance shoes, etc., all of which are recommended to us as the best and cheapest, cheap jazz dance shoes, cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap ballroom dance shoes, etc dance Shoes has cut us a lot of expenses!


This is concerned about our dance teacher Fei, I love my teacher Fei.

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