My dance teacher-Teacher Dong

My dance teacher-Teacher Dong


It is said that the dance teacher is a light in the dance stage and a ray of light in the long distance darkness. In primary school, the most unforgettable thing for me was my dance teacher, Mr. Dong.

Dance teacher Dong has short hair and bright eyes. There is a kind of cordial feeling between the eyebrows. I can never forget the appearance of the dance teacher.
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The dance teacher loves us very much and is tolerant to us. Once, I was reading extra-curricular books in the dance room. I was reading them with relish. The teacher came to me and quietly told me not to read them. But I couldn't help but watch it again. When I looked up and saw the dance teacher looking at me, although Qingshen was a little angry, it was more disappointed and sad.. I suddenly feel very sorry for the dance teacher. After class, the teacher called me to the office, and I stood in front of him with my head down. The teacher picked up the whip and hit my hand. My hand is very painful and my heart is also very painful. In the eyes of the dance teacher, I have always been a good student, a teacher's arm and a good example for the students. But how can I do that this time? I am self reflection, the teacher holding my hand, said: "pain? The dance teacher is not urging to beat you. It's the dance teacher who is not good. " I can see the dance teacher is very guilty, I secretly determined in my heart: I must practice dance well, will not let the dance teacher down.
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Dance teachers are also very concerned about us and treat us as their own children. Once on my way to dance school, I ran too fast. When I got to the dance school, I fell and broke my skin. Blood gurgled from the wound. At that time, the dance teacher happened to pass by, she quickly hugged me, ran to his door, he ran and said: "you're OK, bear it." I felt very warm in his arms. When I got to the room, she took out the medicine and kicked over the garbage can in a hurry. She applied the medicine for me immediately. Ask me what happened, what's wrong? Don't be careful? She rubbed the wound slowly. After painting. She asked me, "does it hurt?" I shook my head, but she still insisted on helping me to the dance classroom.
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The dance teacher will also get rid of small disputes for me. Because I don't pay attention to my eyes and wear glasses, and because I don't like to eat, I'm short, so my classmates always give me a nickname, four eyed girl, cobra, and always tease me about my height. I'm very upset. After the dance teacher knew it, he criticized those classmates and encouraged me not to worry, just pay attention to diet and take good care of my eyes. After listening to what the dance teacher said, I felt a warm current rush to my heart.
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Because of the care of the dance teacher, I worked very hard in the dance school, learning solo dance, duet dance, trio dance, group dance, group dance, song and dance, song and dance drama, dance drama. I also studied classical dance, ballet dance, folk dance, modern dance, tap dance and jazz dance. What I am good at is tap dance. Wearing cheap tap dance shoes to dance a perfect tap dance on the dance stage is my favorite thing! What my partner Lucy wants most is jazz dance. She likes to put on cheap jazz dance shoes I gave her every time and improvise in front of me!


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I also have a dance Shoe cabinet,have many cheap dance shoes like:cheap ballroom dance shoes,cheap jazz shoes,cheap tap shoes,cheap ballet shoes,cheap tap dancing shoes.All this cheap dancing shoes is my love!

Ah! Teacher, spring silkworm to die silk square to do, wax torch ashes, tears began to dry. Isn't it true of you? Mr. Dong, although you have only taught me for one year, what you have brought me is not only knowledge. Now you should pass on the knowledge and warmth to the next group of lucky children!




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