My dance way

My dance way

There are all kinds of dances, but there is a kind of dance that fully presents the beauty of animals, that is the peacock dance. The famous dancer Yang Liping is very good at peacock dance. I fell in love with peacock dance by chance.

One day, I saw Miss Yang Liping dancing on TV. The dance is so beautiful, like a beautiful peacock dancing in the music. At this time, I can not help but have an idea to learn dance. I went to talk to my busy parents. My father gave a cold smile and said, "you don't study hard every day. You think about these things every day." I swore in my heart: "look at that time, I will get good results, let you no longer look down on me." Mother then said: "it's good to have ideas, but it's painful to practice dancing. If it's OK to practice as a child, but you are so old, are you sure? " I confidently said: "no matter how hard it is, I will never give up. Someone said that nothing is difficult in the world as long as I am willing to climb." Although my mother agreed, but still do not believe I can insist.

After a few days, my mother brought me to a dance class. There were all kinds of people learning different dances. Mom signed me up. On the first day of registration, the teacher asked us to practice leg pressing. The pain seemed to be tens of thousands of needles stuck in my legs. My eyes are full of tears, I want to cry, but when I think of my father's eyes that don't believe me, I stop the tears, hold back the pain and continue to practice.

Back home, I kept practicing, I finally slowly feel no longer hurt, dad saw a smile and nodded, I am more confident. I looked up at the clouds outside the window as if they were smiling at me.

The next day I went to the dance class. The teacher was very confused and thought that I had completely become a person since yesterday. She asked me, "how did you do it?" I confidently said to the teacher: "yesterday I practiced for a long time, only today's results." The teacher rated me as a model, and I was very happy at that time. When I got home, I told my parents the good news. My father gave up all his ideas. I'm very proud.

This is my indissoluble bond with dance, and this is my way of dancing. Although this experience is very short, but this experience let me deeply understand that persistence is victory. From then on, I fell in love with dance and learned more dances: ballet dance, jazz dance, tap dance, Cha Cha dance, tango dance. After years of study and hard work, I can also dance freely on the dance stage! Also got a lot of applause!



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