My daughter taught me to learn dance

My daughter taught me to learn dance

Less than four year old daughter likes dancing. Kindergarten teacher says she has talent in dancing. She will learn and dance very well. She is often called by the teacher to lead dance.

In a few days, it was June 1 children's day. The teacher sent me to my kindergarten early to say that it was dress rehearsal. Actually, I really want to know how my daughter dances, so I secretly hide in the distance, and see the teacher give them rehearsals. The daughter is in front of her, like a small adult, calm and relaxed. As soon as the music rang, she twisted her limbs, and the other children danced with her. My daughter is a class, very young, daughter can lead dance, I really feel happy for her.

They are still jumping, and I still stand not far away and secretly look. I saw my daughter dance with music, smooth and soft, which made me feel proud of my mother. My daughter has music and dance cells, and I am very happy to cultivate her in this respect. I am a person with poor physical exercise ability. Naturally, I hope my daughter will not be like me.

My daughter put on school, and I asked her to show me the dance she learned in school again. And the daughter said, "Mom, I'll teach you.". I can say it. My daughter was very happy, and took me to the living room and ordered me to: fork up, stand. I do. My daughter looked at me, thumbed up and said, it was great. Then, she ordered me to close my feet together, and I hurriedly put my feet together, and she said, "great, great.". Look at my feet and stand together, she said, "I jump, you learn from me. She was jumping and clapping both hands, and I learned how she was doing it and clapping both. But, daughter said, you clap hand not, should be like this, she demonstrated again. I can't satisfy my daughter, she said, mom. You squat down, I'll teach you more. She should take up my two big hands and make me take pictures hard. After several shots, she was satisfied and said, "Mom, OK.". OK, and then jump with me Looking at the appearance of my daughter, I can't help laughing, but I dare not laugh to come out, afraid that her daughter feels that she is laughing at her, and she is unwilling to jump again.

So I followed my daughter several times, and my daughter kept correcting my mistakes. After the jump, the daughter reached out her thumb and said, "Mom, you are wonderful! Then she asked me to step back a few steps and then go a few steps forward Perhaps the teacher taught her this way, and her tone imitated her teacher. In my opinion, she is a good dance teacher!

The child's brain is a piece of white paper. You input beautiful things for her, and what she contacts is good; you input ugly things for her, and she contacts ugliness. I think, whether it is music, art, or dance, it is the spiritual world of human being that is transmitted to people. If a person can live in art all his life, his life must be happy.

If you want, mom is willing to do her best to create all the conditions for you to develop your dance talent; and mom is willing to be your student all her life, let you teach your mother to learn dance. Mom thought, you in front of mom, will have the sense of achievement, but not, in the boring dance practice, feel very tired, very confused. Mom hopes that you will be around in your life journey. Although I can't give you a little instruction in dance, you will feel very relaxed, happy and warm.

Later, my daughter learned to tap dance, jazz dance, Latin dance, ballet dance, etc. I bought her all kinds of dance shoes, cheap tap dancing shoes, cheap Latin  dance shoes, cheap jazz dance shoes, she wore the dancing shoes and dance clothes I bought, and performed in various occasions, and became an excellent dancer!

Years silent, season alternate, this season will fade, I am happy to leave my thoughts in the voice of the season, in the depth of the season to keep vivid notes. Listen, rain is still beating the Qing ring of love, and I was full of deep love of miss in the rain in the rain in the fall of love into poetry. Dance will accompany her daughter to grow up, will also accompany her life! I sent her cheap dance shoes and cheap dance clothes to become her life ornament!

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