My favorite sport-dance

My favorite sport-dance

Dance, in my impression is the best, I like dance. Although my dance is not so special, but I think dance is my favorite thing in life.

Do you know why? Because in dance, the world is quiet, and you will be allowed to think silently. You can also express your own ideas without being disturbed by anyone.

I remember one time, I was in a bad mood, and when I got home, I was in a room with a fire. I jumped off the bed with anger. Suddenly, there was an idea that flashed through my head - dance. The teacher said it, dance can express their feelings and let no one know. Yes, dance! I immediately opened the music, put on the tap dance shoes and jumped up in the room, venting all my resentment on the dance. Although I was tired after dancing, I was in a lot of good mood. It seems that music box dance brought half my anger into the trash can, which made me feel better.

Since then, I have been infatuated with this way, so that it can reduce noise and vent emotions, it is really one stroke! Every time I am criticized by my teacher and I feel uncomfortable, I always open up music and dance for an hour or two hard. When my performance is not good, I always think about "try hard next time, and I will not be able to test it again"

Dance can help us to vent our pain, but also let us tell happiness.

The relationship between my classmates and I is getting better now. I will show it in my dance, and it seems to pass happiness on. I have a good result in this test, and I can also dance happily and share happiness

All dance music is a person who will listen to your pain and happiness. It will not say any complaints, but dance is the best conductor who controls the dance music, jumps out of pain and shares happiness.

All your happiness and pain will be told, vent, I love dance, I love to have this way to tell.

Dance, my favorite!

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