My favorite pair of jazz dance shoes

My favorite pair of jazz dance shoes

I love jazz dance. I love jazz dance shoes.

I like jazz dance, which has been shown since I was born. My family said that when I was a few months old, in order to let me learn to walk earlier, my parents always held a pink baby toy and waited for me to take it several meters away, but I always ignored it. Mom and dad can't help wondering: don't children love pink toys? One day, they changed a jazz dance toy and waved to me again. Somehow, this time I wanted to look like I really wanted it. I waved my chubby little hand and jumped over happily to get the jazz dance. At this time, happiness spread on my little face.

I love jazz dance shoes, so I love the bamboo grove behind grandma's house. When it comes to holidays, I run there. There is not only boundless green, but also my friends. Although every time we went in, we would be bitten by mosquitoes for several bags, but we were still happy to run there. We play hide and seek, the police catch thieves and other games inside, and the silver bell like laughter reverberates in the small bamboo forest, spreading far, far away. But what I like most is that a person in jazz shoes is dancing jazz with music here until I am exhausted.

I like jazz dance, especially green jazz dance shoes, so I also like spring. Look, the grass in the swallow "spring is coming, spring is coming" under the call of the head, their body chubby, really love. Floret also stretched, from "hibernation" in the wake up. It's like I'm combing my hair in the spring wind. After combing, she took out the most beautiful dress from her wardrobe - a emerald green neon dress. She put it on her body and welcomed the arrival of spring with her most beautiful posture.

I love jazz dance, especially the cheers of dance lovers on that stage. In the dance, as if to the field, overlooking, the farmers are bending over to plant seedlings. With their industrious hands, they painted a new green. When they stand on the green ridge, looking at the fruits of their hard work, looking at the new green that they hope, they show a bright smile. At this time, they seem to see a bumper harvest.

I love jazz dance. She is like an angel landing on earth, bringing hope to people and vitality to the earth. Also let me full of love for dance, put on dance shoes, a beautiful dance, is my greatest happiness!

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