My favorite tap shoes

My favorite tap shoes

I have the best pair of tap shoes called bumblebee. It's not a bumblebee flying in the sky. It's a bumblebee tap dance shoes.

Its whole body is yellow, like wearing a "gold armor", wearing this armor full of prestige, it's too likable. Its head is wearing a yellow helmet, leaving only the black eyes. tap dance shoes "Bumblebee" has two epaulets on its shoulders. Its body is small, but its legs are long, which makes it very powerful. Take a closer look at tap dance shoes "Bumblebee" feet like wearing a pair of yellow tap shoes, running faster than skating.

After the introduction, you must want to know how to play, OK! Let me tell you something. In fact, tap dance shoes bumblebee can dance. As long as you wear it, the tap shoe "Bumblebee" will tap the rhythm of the dance. First of all, it will retract its feet, turn back and become a part of the car, but it has not yet completed the deformation. Then it will slowly retract its hands and roll its head into the armor, thus completing the deformation. You see, now it has finished a beautiful tap dance.

Do you know why tap dance shoes "Bumblebee" is my best friend? It's a birthday present from my mother for my birthday. There was a tap dance competition in my class, and I won the championship in my tap shoes, bumblebee. Another time I got 100 points in the test, I showed the test paper to the "Bumblebee" of the tap shoes, and the tap dance shoes "Bumblebee" of the tap shoes seemed to say: "little master, you are great"! Since then, every time I have something happy or sad, I will dance a tap dance with it. It seems that it can understand what I'm saying. The relationship between me and tap dance shoes "Bumblebee" is getting deeper and deeper!

Hearing this, do you want to see me tap dancing in my tap shoes "Bumblebee"? Please come to my house~

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