My favorite thing - dancing shoes from my grandfather

My favorite thing - dancing shoes from my grandfather

I like a lot of things, but my favorite is that pair of ordinary tap dance shoes.

That pair of tap shoes is the last thing my grandfather left me. One afternoon many years ago, my grandfather and I went to the street to play together. I like to ride on his head and hold his rough face in my hands. My grandfather also likes to take me to the street like this. He took me to my favorite store, which is full of all kinds of dance CDs and all kinds of dance shoes. My grandfather put me down, and I happily came and went in the store and took all kinds of dance shoes I watched all my things, and finally focused on the white tap dance shoes. Every day there were advertisements for these shoes on TV, so I had long loved them. When my grandfather saw me staring at them, he bought them for me without saying a word. On the way home, I hold tap shoes and pull my grandfather can't wait to go home. My grandfather's sweet smile is printed on my heart.

On the shoe box of tap dancing shoes, it is printed that a sister in light yellow is dancing with a very brave but silly beast. The colorful lights are shining on them. The spacious auditorium is decorated with beautiful decorations. Seeing these, I seem to have seen the wonderful love story between them, but I didn't see it in the end. Grandma didn't let me see it because grandma thought it was bad for me, so my grandfather went out to see it with me behind his back.

Now, this memorable tap dance shoe seems to record not only that beautiful and magical story, but also every minute and every second that my grandfather and I spent together.

I love this pair of dance shoes. He is the last pair of shoes my grandfather gave me. It is also a turning point in my dance career! I began to practice all kinds of dance, jazz, Latin, modern! I cherish every dance training opportunity, also cherish every performance opportunity, leave my best state on the dance stage! Also let my grandfather see my efforts in heaven!



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